Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post from Greater China

The weather over here is rather fine. It's not the freezing iciness that I have anticipated. In fact, the sun's pretty glaring and so that takes much of the chill away. I am not even wearing my thermal top. Perhaps that's mainly because I am not exposed much to the weather elements. It's a routine here. Apartment--> Workplace--> Brunch/ Dinner Restaurant. Ok, maybe some visits to the consultancy firms that are doing the intended project. Need to get their quotations pretty soon to decide on which one to get the job done. Didn't bring my laptop over though. So no photo entries until I find some way to get the SD card to work. Many documents are on my lappie. Oh well.

Life here is great, when you are loaded. Money greases everything in the world, but over here, without that extra element of paper dough, things move so slowly/ or are done with such great reluctance that you will die from waiting.

Just that day, the toilet bowl got clogged again. Bloody hell. The flushing system sucks. In China, there are waste paper baskets placed beside the toilet bowls for users to dump their used toilet paper into them. Nobody throws tissue into the bowl anyway.

But, I am a crazy cleanliness freak from Singapore—land of good sewage treatment. I stubbornly refuse to throw anything into the bin. So unhygienic! Can you imagine the amount of bacteria breeding and thriving in the toilets? YUCKS! I can't to do that. Not unless I am forced at gunpoint.

And so, I tried to flush the toilet paper down. I crossed my (cleanly washed) fingers and stared at the whirling bowl in anticipation. Alas! My prayers were not answered. The terribly uncooperative bowl is now a wasteland of floating whatnots.
To prevent grossing my readers out too much, I shall cut the long story short. I had to call someone to unclog the toilet. I rang for assistance. And it took forever till I wanted to pee again. When the attendant arrived with the plunger, his face was so 'black' I think he's cursing me silently inside. Anyway, after he cleared the clog, I told him to 'buy' himself a drink. I think you know what I did, right? I tipped him. Handsomely, in fact. His muddy mien disappeared immediately and I swore I saw a beautiful glow on his face. He told me to call him anytime I run into any toilet trouble again. I am sure he will make a dash for the apartment when that occasion arises.

But, Ivy is not dumb. We need to adapt, right? Can't commit the same mistake time and again. I was just testing the water (pun unintended) the first time around. Let's just say, necessity is the mother of invention. And I have come up with a good arrangement to solve my toilet woes. ;-)

As for the new 'connection' I have made with the serviceman, I'll KIV his allegiance. Perhaps he will be needed some day when my television set short circuits.

P/S Is it the Chinese operating system over here, or do I see my blog not displaying well on the computer screen? =(

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Leaving Singapore...

Hiya people,
I am leaving on a jet plane today. Away from Singapore. Nope, not a leisure trip. Got some stuff to handle.
Will try posting when I am overseas too...but, I am crossing my fingers about having personal internet connection.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mr. King, I Don’t Want to Dream!

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
(Text taken from Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have a Dream")

To begin with Mr. King, the birth of every child, black, white, yellow or brown marks the beginning of another life story in inequality.
40 odd years after his speech in 1963, movies like “Crash” and “Babel” are still being produced and nabbing recognition awards. You go figure.

On a personal note, I do not want to have any dreams while resting ANYMORE! Gone are the days when I slumber in peace, blessed with a good night’s rest devoid of dreams.
Now crappy dreams plague me and leave me drained in the day. They are not nightmares, but they are sure are tedious. Imagine your mental faculties on overdrive even when you are physically at rest! How tiring! That’s tantamount to being awake 24/7, isn’t it?

Scream (1893) by Edvard Munch

I will leave my dreaming to my waking days, thank you very much! Praying for dreamless nights to come.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Music currently playing:

Angela Chang Shao Han’s (张韶涵) "口袋的天空" which is my all time favourite.

Sampled her latest album.

Nothing spectacular. Boring, with a lot of fluffy advertisement songs, along the like of her Pandora album. I am rather disappointed.

However, I do like “不痛” which is the 第二主打歌 in the album.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Bizarre!

These two news articles from Ondine’s site sent me reeling in laughter.

Alright, so, I am unsympathetic and mean.
But then again, I don’t think I can keep a solemn face and stifle the guffaw that’s threatening to explode through my ears if I cannot let it out via the proper channel.

I was tickled but am sure that the doctors in the ER will just let out a wry silent sigh and go about treating these unfortunate souls most professionally. After all, when you have been in this line for so long, nothing stupefies you anymore. All in a day’s work, they’ll lament.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Treat for Bookworms!

Sorry this came a bit late. This 40% for a book offer from Borders (Singapore) extends till 25 January 2007, Thursday.

1. Click on the link here==> (Borders 40% off any book)
2. Print it out.
3. Make a beeline for Borders at Wheelock Place.
4. Find a book you fancy.
5. Present coupon during payment.

Yea! It's that simple.

P/S: Special thanks to dear Aileen for forwarding this to me. I am just spreading the lurve around.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

This counter for faster checkout

The day’s too bright and sunny for anyone to feel down. Sunshine has an uplifting effect on people, much as girls hate it for its skin damaging UV rays. But sunlight is warm and good for the soul. When it leaves, the dark consumes our energy and leaves us drained of life. Devoid of hope and joy, morbid and cold.

Sometimes when we are more perceptive, the surreality of our existence suddenly grips us. Everything we see, every breath we take and the very life we are living out seems somewhat un-real.

So, this is Me. So, this is my life. So, I exist.

The thing is that we know every day is one day closer to death. Everyday we are dying. And for all that we do and will do, everything comes to naught the day we cease breathing.

So, what if instead of traveling the whole journey, we take the express lane?

Hemingway put a bullet in his brain; Virginia Woolf waded into River Ouse and never surfaced; poor Sylvia Plath gassed herself grey.


Friday, January 19, 2007


Boys and their Toys, Girls and their Dolls.

Alright, boys can have dolls too. Many guys do keep dolls—rooms full of them, in fact.
This avid collector is one of them.

The collector himself!

His room full of dolls!

Dolls of all races and nationalities

Life size Dollies!
Photo Credits: Yvonne Lim's Weblog

However, I prefer hugging teddies and stuff toys. They are so soft and furry!

As for dolls, these custom made beauties are the only ones I would go gaga over.

I was introduced to them by Samantha, a girl who brought one of them to class for show-and-tell (yes, this activity still takes place at college level).
Expensive hobby, since they have to order the body parts and eyes/wigs/clothes from Japan.

The collectors are involved in the entire process of assembling, face painting and styling their dolls. Each doll is worth a hefty 4 figure sum!
I marvel at how every doll is unique and so lovingly constructed.
I simply can’t take my eyes off them. Masterpieces indeed!

Photo Credits: Gothiquelolita

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

F1 in Singapore—Reality or Fiction?

I really hope that Singapore can host an F1 race in the near future. When that happens, I will get my ass off my chair and stand amongst the crowd. Ok, so, I prefer to sit, sip champagne and watch from the grandstand. But whatever goes, I am cool.

Anyway, this thought is in relation to the August 2007 international motor race to be held as part of Singapore’s National Day celebrations.

Citing the Straits Times article by Nicholas Fang, the Government is keen on hosting an F1 race but would prefer to hold the race on a road circuit (just like the Monaco’s Grand Prix race) than on a specially constructed “stadium track”. Very practical leaders we have here. Reason for preference: more economical= cheaper. Yes, how very thoughtful. Not to mention having the race cars zip past landmarks like the Esplanade, Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth and the quaint Raffles Hotel and having the awesome cityscape televised over screens worldwide. Ah, more publicity to the nation-state!

But a road circuit means disruption to regular traffic and the lack of training grounds for our country’s potential team of A1 and F1 drivers. Looks like the money is doing the talking above all else.

Daily Trivia:
The Principality of Monaco (more commonly known as Monaco is the world's most densely populated country and second-smallest independent nation after Vatican City with a population of just 32,410 and an area of 1.95 square kilometers.

Comparatively, Singapore has an area of 697.2 square kilometers today, and may grow by another 100 square kilometers by 2030.

So, an F1 Grand Prix race in Singapore is not just a distant dream if we are skeptical that our island is too small to host an event like this.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Burning Question of the Week:

What does <3 mean????

Help! I am dying because I simply cannot figure it out by looking at my keyboard. Apparently so many people are using this combination these days.

Somebody, anybody…HELP! I am going mad…

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beyond Beauty

This entry is inspired by my sister who asked me about the scar on her leg one Sunday evening. She had a bad fall recently and is healing a visible scar on one of her leg. Obviously I think that it’s just a matter of time before it fades away. However, she seems to be rather self conscious because of this temporary affliction and sought my opinion as to whether to don on short skirts while nursing that lesion.

Much cliché as it may sound, nobody’s physically perfect. Nicole Kidman has cellulite, Angelina Jolie has dry flaky lips, Britney Spears is pudgy and has acne and Zhang Ziyi has asymmetrical eyes. Beautiful celebrities have the means to do something to correct their flaws, but that does not mean such imperfections are nonexistent.

However, I am not going to spin out fluffy advice that confidence enhances one’s outwardly beauty. It does, but we still have to deal with our insecurities. I am not an advocate of maxims that are easier said than done.

What I would like to point out is that we have to embrace our flawed physical selves with the assurance that it’s not going to make us lesser beings in the eyes of those who love us.

Take a look at your favourite teddy. He looks rather crummy after so many years of silent companionship. Do you still love him? Do you discard your ‘smelly’ security blanket that has seen you through your childhood years? What about your limping dog plagued by arthritis brought on by age?
Does our love for any of these things lessen because they are no longer clean and new, bright and beautiful?
I hope your answer is a resounding NO.

Attraction is subjective. Different images move us to different degrees. Different people capture our attention and only a selected few take our breath away.

Why should your small eyes, troubled skin, frizzy hair and less than toned body bother you NOW when it is the entirety of your unique beauty that has enthralled your significant half? If we like what we see in you, why are you still so uncomfortable in your own skin? Why do you magnify your flaws when we barely even notice them?

When people relentlessly pursue an unrealistic standard of physical perfection, they unwittingly unleash their inner demons and allow them to run amok thus turning their lives topsy turvy. A person may look smashing at first glance but if she fusses about her weight during every meal, obsesses about being the most stunning person at every event, needs to take picture perfect photos all the time and plans with exact detail which body parts to change on her next visit to the plastic surgeon, it makes her the most insufferable person to be around.

And if a person cannot go beyond the surface to know the gem the lies in you, or look at you adoringly when you are stripped of face paint and other embellishment, then…it’s not real love, is it?

So quit being insecure and concentrate on basking in the affection you receive from those who love you—warts and all.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Rainy Weekend

Tired. Hate Rainy Weather. Clothes don’t dry well and it’s cold and dark all day.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

An Apple A Day

Photo and Brief Product Write-up from

iPhone combines three products — a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching — into one small and lightweight handheld device. iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers. So it ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device, completely redefining what you can do on a mobile phone.

Sure, the iPhone looks great!
Despite all the buzz about multimedia convergence, I am not a subscriber who performs multiple tasks on her mobile phone. It’s really just for calls and the occasional texting. For this matter, I don’t even text regularly. I punch messages out with my right thumb.

Then again, Steve Jobs, the whiz marketer has created the Apple dominance of music players and personal computers. With the devout following of die-hard fans, Apple looks poised to take the teleco industry by storm, once again. Give it just 1 year.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

What price vanity?

Want double eye lids the non-surgical way? Well, the Japanese have this rather ‘innovative’ albeit painful looking gadget that may well do the trick.

Just clip it on the upper lid flesh for 5 minutes a day and you are on your way to creating a pretty fold to frame your eyes.

Honestly, this couldn’t be more sadomasochistic! Looks like a tool from Empress Cixi’s torture chamber. Eee…ouch!
Then again, I am sure the self bashing prone average Japanese will find this pretty mild and report a low 1 on the pain threshold scale.

Retails at around $40 SGD. And the equally crazy Taiwanese are promoting this on their media networks.

Luckily I do not need this. But if I had single lids, I would choose an hour’s of suture upper blepharoplasty surgery and 2 weeks of post surgical recuperation over this scary clip.

What price vanity? What is wrong with having single lid eyes? Heard there is a similar clipper for the nose--to achieve a higher and slimmer nose. I think going for rhinoplasty is a better bet.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Only Time

I was rudely awoken by a sudden thought last night. It’s amazing at I was so shaken by an issue that I could open my eyes abruptly in the middle of a fitful sleep.

“The average person lives for 80 years. You will die eventually. In fact, every day is 24 hours closer to the grave.”

I looked at my clock on my left and found that it’s the morning.

“Darn! I’ve slept for 5 hours! What the hell am I doing, sleeping my life away?” I rebuked myself harshly.

I was taken aback by my violent reaction. I was after all, still tired. I paced around for a while before deciding it’s best to react in a rational manner, return to bed and get my much needed rest.

Must be rather stressed out these days…

In the late morning, I read a blog entry by Miss Book wormy (this incredible girl devours books like there’s no tomorrow). She recommended this site that sends subscribers book chapters in the form of emails to read.

Daily Lit (click on it to go to the site)

Fabulous! Now, we can receive bite size portions of books in our electronic mailboxes! I visited the site to take a look, and after checking that there is no copyright infringement, I signed up for this service.

I browsed through the available titles and decided on a light read to start things off. I was initially tempted to read Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky but the rude awakening the night before influenced me on a very conscious level and I signed up for Arnold Bennett’s “How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day” instead.

Honestly, this book was written in 1908 and I am rather skeptical about the applicability of the author’s advice in this modern era. Still, it only comes in 14 parts. I may well get to the end of it by this week. Will do a book review on it once I am done!

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Anime Frenzy!!!

I chanced upon Chobits (ちょびっツ) when I was looking at some stickers in a shop selling a hodgepodge of stuff.

The pictures are so well drawn and the female lead, Chii, is incredibly pretty.

Typical Gothic Lolita dressing, eyes that cover half of her small face and awfully long blonde hair. Anyone who looks like that in real life would scare the daylights out of fellow humans but let us just indulge in the incredible world of entertainment where the bizarre is beautiful and what the Japanese termed as, kawaii (可愛い).

After which I did an online search of the word Chobits and started reading the hypertext story of the manga. I wanted to get my hands on the series, but Comics Connection does not carry this particular set of manga. Kinokuniya has a several books in full colour but I was too broke to own them.

Recently, I saw this set in 新天地 Xin Tian Di in Vivocity City (shop opposite Pet Safari) and was thrilled! I am going to collect this series slowly but surely now. A pity they are in black and white. It’s the colours that make Chii so captivating!

Anyway, perhaps I should also collect the DVDs of the anime version.

There are several underlying themes in this story. The most explored issue throughout the series is that of human’s over reliance on computers. Other issues highlighted include the relationships shared between humans and their androids and the desire of people to obtain that ever elusive unconditional love from one’s soul mate.

A very enjoyable series, I would say.
To watch this anime, click on the links provided below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Total of 27 episodes. \(^-^)/

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pulling a fast one

Marc Jacobs may be hailed as a demigod in the fashion industry and women will squeal like excited mice and scurry to lap up his creations every season they hit the stores.

Unfortunately, no one is born with the Midas touch and this time around, Mr. MJ suffers a lapse of judgment.

Look at these bags MJ designed for LV!!!
What are they? Grocery bags? In Singapore, some people refer to them as ‘China man’s bag’ mainly because they are used to lug around stuff you want to hawk in night bazaars/ pasar malams.

Then again, he may be trying to test the brand loyalty of his fans. Wonder how many people will actually part with their hard earned money to buy this bag?
Or is he trying to ingratiate himself with the citizens of Greater China? Maybe LVMH is underpaying him for this assignment.

Sorry MJ, but I don’t think they will like this. Nobody will anyway. The word’s tacky, darling.

Photo taken from the Fashion Addict Diary

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Friday, January 05, 2007

I Love Bunnies!

Went to Pet Safari @ Vivocity to check out some pets. Honestly, many of my friends love to keep dogs as pets. I, on the other hand, prefer cats because they are low maintenance and elegant creatures. If you have seen them stretching their bodies, you will understand that cats make great yoga masters. It’s such a pleasure to watch!

Found that some puppies are just as adorable too. I prefer the quiet ones. There are some hyperactive dogs that dashed around in circles in their small cages. Goodness Gracious.

A Schnauzer pup (very quiet and sullen-I like!)

But if I have a house of my own (my mum forbids us to keep animals as pets), I would fence up a portion of the garden and have bunnies! I love bunnies! They are the sweetest, quietest creatures. Furry little balls. Jumpy cute sweeties.

Rabbits going for $180 SGD each. Sigh. So expensive! A droopy eared German lop rabbit.

I absolutely love this Angora rabbit. Shall I sneak you into my room?

Till that day materialize, I will have to content myself with having bunny toys and yes, hairclips. Am I an overgrown child, or what?

Rabbit Related Stash

Soaked Bunnies

My other two candy pink Charlotte and blue Junior Brownsword are still in the laundry hanging out to dry!!!

Happy & Clean Bunnies!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reorganization of Blog

I feel that an overhaul is long overdue for my blog.

I don’t seem to know how to create links to the blogs I read on a regular basis. Blogs of dear friends, good writers, niche blogs. Good grief. My existing blogger template does not support quick linking. Seems that I seriously need to get down to finding out how to do so via html. Talk about procrastination.

Another thing is that I want to explore serious topics that I am interested in on a regular basis.
Politics, business, health, beauty and skincare, fashion, food, Formula One (March onwards, yes!), religion, books, music, philosophy, cosmology.

Of course, there will be regular life updates and photo entries too. Just that they will not take precedence in this blog.
Is this getting a tad too boring for you (my regular readers)?
Cos, I actually read certain blogs to chill out and I love seeing photo posts of the things people eat, do and buy. I also enjoy scrolling through travel entries tremendously! It’s a “wishing I was there” mentality.

Daily Trivia:
I was rather tickled by this design (on a Threadless tee).
Do you know what it’s depicting?









The caption is “You’ve got some explaining to do!”
Got it? ;-)


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

All things good and wonderful…2007

New Year is a wonderful time.

Yes, yes, it’s overrated, I hear you grumble.

Personally, I feel that it is the equivalent of watching any sunrise for the dawn of a New Year brings new hope to all of us. Even the most jaded soul has a sanguine little voice in him that softly mumbles, “I hope that all things good and wonderful will come my way this year.”

So, why shouldn’t we make some New Year’s resolutions?
It’s tradition.
It’s to start things off on an optimistic note.
Just as every lottery ticket is the silver lining of hope for a better and richer future, your set of resolutions holds your dreams for a better state of affairs in the year to come.

“Yes, I can. Yes, I will. Yes, I must.”

So what if the steely resolve you set out with turns into a weak murmur of “Ah, I’ll try”? It’s after all what you hope will materialize. As for the fuel formula that motivates you to make good these resolutions?
I will say it’s a blend of Hard work, Constant reminders, Perseverance; and a good deal of Faith in God’s divine power.

My Very Down to Earth Set of 2007 Resolutions:

1. Eat nourishing wholesome meals that are catered to suit my constitution.
2. Abstain from diary products. Eat cheese rarely and abstain from dairy products. Switch to soy. (Personal condition: I have a mild reaction to dairy products. What took me Soooo long to realize?) Click here for scientific study on the adverse effects of milk.
3. Sleep early (before 11.30 p.m.) 3 days a week.
4. Take up Yoga/ Pilates before September ends.
5. Finish reading 2 fiction books and 6 non-fiction books.
6. Earn good money from job and use it to multiply wealth.
7. Start to draw up my business plan + market study + make a list of contacts for personal venture in 2008.
8. Devote any 3 free days to browse in bookstores.
9. Take time to meet up with 5 friends I treasure, but never keep in constant touch.
10. Be more patient and tolerant of family members. They may piss me off, but I never know when they may be gone.

The list appears to be somewhat of a numbers game. Yes, it is actually more realistic to allocate some digits to goals for vague guidelines get us nowhere. Take it from me.

Whatever it is, the New Year bodes well for me, mainly because I really want it to.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in Retrospect

Year of 2006

It’s coming to a close in an hour's time—Singapore time.

Yes indeed.

Before I herald in 2007 with renewed hope and vigour, perhaps it’s good to think about the Year of 06 in retrospect.

It’s been a year of weddings. Some of my peers have settled down happily. Happily because I know they are sure to experience marital bliss with their respective partners. It’s easy to tell whether one has made the right choice just from the smile on their faces. The unhappiest wedding I have witnessed so far was that of my older cousin, Mandy. She was practically sulking at her wedding dinner, wearing a frumpy outfit. But it was also the most delicious wedding dinner I have tasted. A Cantonese restaurant called Lei Garden in Chijmes. Come to think of it, she got married end 2005 instead of 06.

It’s also the year in which I began blogging with more conviction. Truth be told, my blog has a low readership. It’s funny that I still continue churning out entries after entries. I guess this is what they call writing for passion. When something is driven by passion—in the absence of vanity, egoism, and concern for profit margins, it becomes sustainable.
I don’t find my writing especially enlightening, but it gives me great self satisfaction that is unsupported by statistics.

I haven’t gotten down to penning my first book, but this appears to be a good start. A consummate author has to be in her element before she can produce good stuff. I am just sharpening the sword, so to speak, in the year of 06.

06 hasn’t been a good financial year for me. I know the market is bullish, but it doesn’t affect my bank account in any manner. In fact, it’s been a year of budget deficit for me. I believe that things are looking up for 07. That belief is backed by sheer drive and determination coupled with projections from our good ol' economists.

06 has also been a year of my quarter life crisis. Since I stated previously that I am a late bloomer, my identity crisis started only early this year. A time when I have to experiment with conflicting styles (remember the coloured contacts fiasco? Yea…). A time of struggle with my seemingly disparate perspectives. I am glad that as the year comes to a end, I feel greatly assured of being the Ivy I truly am.

A good year? Hm…I would rather say, “It’s as good as it gets”.

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