Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sistas Shots

Haven't taken photos with Aileen for sometime...
Here are a few to share.
For those of you with siblings, especially those sharing the same gender, I have this curious question: "Do the younger ones tend to grow taller than the elder? Why?"My sister apparently snatches my food when we were young. No doubts about that. We were also often mistaken for friends when we hang out together because we don't look all that alike. Which is good. My mother hasn't wasted another 40 weeks just to reproduce a 'photocopied version' of her first offspring.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010- Quarter 1 closing

Time flies! The end of March is imminent upon us and I haven't really much fabulous updates on the home front. The dark cloud is dispersing well and I have regained a sunnier disposition. Afterall, the only way is up when one hits bottom! I have found that a long term goal helps to alleviate the immediate short term pain I am going through now. If I know I am 'suffering' for a greater cause, I will be stronger, braver and happier.
Was telling my husband (I actually feel awkward with this term, perhaps I will call him Mr. Rabbit in future?) that I have a concrete 5 year plan which contains 1 intangible and 1 tangible item apiece.
Intangible=>selfless goal=>family oriented=>produce 2 kids
Tangible=> self centered goal=>material oriented=> 1 posh apartment overlooking the Marina Bay skyline
I pray with all my heart these goals will materialise after 5 years! Wish me luck!


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