Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September Baby

Before I continue on my US posts, allow me to place my birthday entry first.

5th September arrived and I am another year older. I don’t think the thought of adding another candle to the cake matters as much as the nagging consternation that I have nothing to show for the years I have lived. But since the anniversary of my birth is a cause for celebrating my existence, I shall not dwell on such unpleasantries for more than 5 minutes.

Took a day off, compliments of the company and slept like a log till 11am. It’s been so long since I last slept in and my, what an absolute luxury. I totally missed my spa appointment and had to call them up to reschedule. Thankfully, they were able to acquiesce to my request. Took a cab down to the city, indulged in a massage and a milk hydrobath (not tainted milk I hope…) and headed to Funan IT Mall to buy a birthday present on behalf of my fiancé.

Does the previous statement sound strange? Haha. Yes indeed. The man himself was unable to return to Singapore to spend the special occasion with me. However, he sends his love, well wishes and a ‘no budget, buy whatever you fancy’ decree. Believe me, I was extremely tempted to stroll into a Chanel boutique to procure that long coveted 2.55. Alas, my conscience got the better of me and I decided the bag must be a gift bought willingly and personally by my beloved .

So, we agree that I should finally take the initiative to buy an MP3 player. It is an item that's perpetually on my ‘To Buy List’ but it's something I am not motivated to take the trouble to acquire. On this opportune day, I headed to Funan with my heart set on buying Creative’s Zen X-Fi (32G).

It is a micro power gadget complete with an FM Radio. What’s not to like about it? Alas, only the headquarters in Jurong East carries the 32G version. I walked around aimlessly and entered an authorized iPod seller shop. My allegiance to Creative was gone with the wind the moment I set my fingers on the iPod Touch and the rest they say, was history.
So this is the story of my quest for an MP3 player. I am officially a victim of subliminal marketing messages from Evil Apple.

P/S: Thanks bunny for your generosity. You're the best!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Exploring New York City-Part 1

I started out at 7.50am and wandered around, snapping photos of the sights of morning NYC before getting to the pick up venue for my 5 hour city tour.
The streets were quiet and devoid of much human activity on a fine sunday morning. I find NYC a filthy place and everywhere I go, litter are strewn liberally on the streets. The worse thing is there's a sickly stench of urine on most walkways. For a bustling city, I find this appalling and unacceptable.
Brushing off my disapproval, I started doing 'window shopping' literally as none of the shops are open for business. I thank God for this situation.
Here is the slide show for this solo morning walk.

Next up: Group tour for NYC! Stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tube Dress Shot (just for Jenn)

Hiya Jenn,
I have returned to Singapore since 30 August! =)
Here's a picture of the tube dress:


Monday, September 01, 2008

Day Trip to New York-24 August, Sunday

I was terribly jet lagged when I arrived in USA on Saturday morning. By the time I checked into Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa, I was dead tired. After checking my emails and running downstairs to buy a cup of coffee and a stale cheese croissant, I plonked onto the bed and fell into deep slumber till 11pm. By then, it was too late to go out for some food and I reckon the hotel's room service will bring up terrible tasting food grudgingly (Room service ends at 12am for ordering food). I was too lethargic to bother about my whiny stomach, took a shower, planned my New York trip a little and went back to sleep. After all, I needed to leave my hotel at 6.20am for the train station to catch the 6.57am service to New York's Grand Central Station.
How I looked for the day: (Believe me, this is the only day I bothered to take pictures of myself in the room. Yes, I am this lazy).
I wore a mustard yellow Forever 21 tube dress with crochet trimings. It's a little dressy though. But hey, it's New York. I changed into sensible flats before getting out-which is one of the most sagacious decisions I have made this year. ;-)

The train station at a Dunkin' Donuts counter where the half asleep duo serve coffee, donuts and muffins with faces more sour than their sour cream bagel. I settled for a bland latte and a putrid looking blueberry muffin (of course I didn't finish that!).

And here are the rest of the trip to Grand Central-in the form of a slideshow. I will continue my Sunday in New York entry tonight.

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