Monday, June 26, 2006

All about Mango…MNG

Coolness is wearing clothes 2 sizes too big...

Truth to be told, I seriously do not understand the pandemonium that MNG stores experience every time they put up a SALE sign. Nor can I relate to the gushes and giggles of excited ladies upon finding out that Mango is slashing its prices.
Before 2005, I never owned anything from the Spanish label. As of today, I only possess a grand total of 4 items from the brand. 1 pair of sea foam green resort trousers, a matching Mango three-quarter sleeve tee, 1 orange Mango Addict short sleeve tee and 1 square scarf. That’s really telling of my lukewarm reception towards the brand, since my wardrobe is considered…well...ahem, substantial.
The 2 T-shirts lost their ability to hug my body after a mere 3 washes. The pair of trousers was bought because I love its unique sweet colour—and amazingly found the cut to be fitting.
Mango clothes are still more suitable for the big boned, well endowed Spanish ladies, so I am rather puzzled as to why petite, slim Singaporean gals can pay good money to buy fabric to hang on their bodies.
Perhaps that’s why people only flocked to the stores during the sale period. That’s when they can buy on impulse and feed their obsession for the stores’ offerings.
Then again, I attribute good marketing to boost the brand’s profile and sales. It’s trendy, cool and affordable to the average young executive. And since it has mass appeal, it comes with the high approval ratings of your peers when you mention that your top is from Mango. The aforementioned factors are so powerful that it conditions the mind to see the apparently unflattering image in the dressing room as gorgeous.
And keep the cash register busy

As for me, the only Mango I can never resist is the Mango gelato from Bravissimo.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bad Dreams are Made of These

Dancing Baby

Ally hallucinates the freaky, Ivy dreams the bad...

Freaky? For those of you who have watched Ally McBeal, this dancing baby is making Ally (Calista Flockhart) go bananas… She hallucinates of him at the most unexpected moments. Reason? Her subconscious is telling her that her biological clock is ticking.

As for my case, I am a very crabby girl these days. I dream too much. Bad dreams. Recurrent ones. It is very disturbing.

Bad Dream 1:
I am a character in a Maple Story-like game. My task to run up a castle before the keeper of the castle catches up with me. If he does, I will not pass this stage and have to repeat the quest.
Why is it bad?
Remember the experience of running as fast as you can to prevent a mad dog from biting you? Yea, you get the picture. Terribly stressful. To be stressed up while sleeping, I am not at all thrilled.

Bad Dream 2:
Being stuck in a shopping mall and having to walk around endlessly just to find something (I don’t even know what that is!!!).
Why is it bad?
Think of the nooks and crannies of Far East Plaza Shopping Centre. And the head spinning sensation if you continue to walk around in circles, getting frustrated at not finding the thing you want. In this case, the bloody problem is that I do not even know WHAT I AM SEARCHING for! How to leave the building? Crap.

Bad Dream 3:
A couple is holding hands and walking along a road. A female ghost cradling an extra head in her arms haunts them by following them. As the couple continues walking, they feel this terrible sensation of a huge force pressing on their shoulders and arms. They try to fight the ghost off by trying to lift the weight on their shoulders to no avail.
Why is it bad?
I can feel the pressure of the 'supernatural' force on my shoulders too. YikeS!

If I analyze my dreams, it is not difficult to ascertain what is plaguing my subconscious at the moment.
In the meantime, maybe I should just try to sleep less to avoid dreaming. Defeats the purpose of rest too, if the mind is still actively involved in crazy, nonsensical dreams.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Happiness is …Facing the world with a beautifully nude mien

Today I happened to look through some of the stuff on my dressing table and was dismayed to realize that a section of the table is relegated to under-used items.
They come in the form of foundation, powder, blushes, and eye shadows in many shades and mascaras. Lipsticks even. I feel rather sad. I bought them in the hope of prettifying myself but they ended up in ‘cold storage’. The worst thing is that, unbeknownst to many gals, make-up does have a very limited shelf life.
Mascaras have to be dumped after the 3rd month upon opening, liquid foundations can be kept for 1 year, cream blushers and eye shadows must be trashed after a maximum of 2 years etc…
Problem is, I am always intrigued by the interesting pots and compacts that promises to make the plainest Jane an instant gorgeous beauty, but is TOO LAZY to spend a good twenty minutes heaping these products onto my face. Then again, I am NO Jane. ;-)
I hoard these items, only to dump them very much unused later.
Part of my list of 10 philosophical guidelines includes this: Good skincare is more important than good make-up.
I am taking this a bit too literally.
But, I seriously feel for young girls and ladies who never leave home without make-up. They quote the reason of needing to look polish and say it is a form of social etiquette. I don’t deny that good make-up skills can transform a person’s image. However, it’s really tiring to paint yourself into a person society can accept and glorify as a good looker. Sad to say, the Wendys and Dawns of our society succeeded in getting the media spotlight they crave through war-paint and plastic respectively. Both weapons of seduction are used in the case of the latter.
And it is a vicious cycle. The more make-up you use, the less likely are you to leave home without it. It is a form of low self esteem.
Natural is beautiful too. So, I have to admit that I am a slave to slathering serums, moisturizers and sun screen on my skin. In the name of looking great without make-up. Ironic? Not for me.
I don’t deny that sometimes, I want to look like Jolin Tsai for a day—the entire package! Complete with luscious fake eyelashes, and acrylic nails! It’s an experiment that promises to be fun and satisfying. When that day comes, I will even do an MTV dance to commemorate the coming of age of a make-up idiot who cannot draw her eyeliner without smudging.

P/S Yes, Aileen, you can have my Lancome Hypnose Mascara...your gain, my loss. =(

Jolin Tsai - Dance Diva

Jolin's Dance Diva MTV from her latest album-my kind of falsies and nails package! A classic case of weird scrawny gal turned dance diva with make-up. Now, we like! =)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Most interestingly yummy chocolate…

Japan is the ‘It’ place to buy an interesting assortment of Kit Kat chocolates. To the delight of some alternative chocolate eaters, some of its unorthodox offerings are shipped to the shores of sunny Singapura.
I find the prices horrendous though, and refrained from buying any, for novelty's sake. It is after all considered a non-gourmet and mass produced chocolate.
My fortune to know a darling gave me the opportunity to sample these highly addictive, but weird chocs.

Kit Kat Cherry Blossom Chocolates-Limited Edition

Apart from the attractive pink packaging, I was rather skeptical of its taste before eating. I mean, how can you capture the taste of Sakura in chocolate? It’s a tall order, especially when you are churning out ‘fingers’ by the tonne, unlike those lovingly handmade confectionery sold in pretty and exorbitant packages.
Yea! It tasted yummi-licious!
Don’t think it simply tasted like strawberry chocolate. Because, it doesn’t.
The Kit Kat Cherry Blossom chocolate has red bean powdered praline wafers covered in white chocolate. Though hardly a chocolate connoisseur, I conclude that the trick lies in using white instead of milk or dark chocolate. It tasted refreshingly light; therefore, one’s taste buds can detect the mild and subtle hint of Sakura on your tongue. The fluffy feel-good sweetness lingers in your mouth even after the contents have made their way down your esophagus.
Apparently, this Cherry Blossom-themed treat is used as a lucky charm by Japanese school-kids during exams. While the rest of us do not need to take exams anymore, it is definitely worth trying.
Moreover, it whetted my appetite for other novel offerings from Nestle.
Priced between $2.60--$2.80 (7-Eleven’s more expensive), it’s rather steeped for 4 little sticks of chocolate.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scent of the Year (2006)-Burberry London

While most fragrance houses are launching their summer scents at this time of the year, I personally feel that these offerings are refreshingly breezy yet forgettable. It’s almost as if their creators know that these transient scents are just the customary practice for their companies to mark the start of the sultry weather, but like the passing of seasons, they are doomed to fade into obscurity as cool fall approaches.
Which is why I would confer the Scent of the Year to: (drum roll please)…
Burberry London!

Scent of the Year (2006)-Burberry London

My opinion as to why this is a winning scent for 2006:
I was introduced to this fragrance when I was passing through Tangs Beauty Hall. I was in fact making my way to the toilet behind the SK-II counter. Yea, I would walk to the ends of the Earth just to use a clean and pleasant washroom.

By the way, the revamped washrooms in Tangs are a testament that Tangs wants to be the ‘IT’ Departmental Store. Toilets, are after all, a reflection of the true character of a country/ company or home. Dirty, smelly and under-maintained toilets in reputable departmental stores are like beautiful, well-groomed ladies with ugly characters. Just for this aspect alone, NUS deserves to be called a world-class institution. Before the hardworking academia cry foul, I return to my main subject for this entry.

A fragrance consultant offered me a fragrance card of Burberry London. Prior to this, I deemed Burberry to be lackluster in terms of its fragrance collection in recent years. Burberry Brit is not worth mentioning. I expect it to end its production in the near future. But then again, the fashion house always thinks that its perfumes are classics to be obstinately continued…

Unlike citrusy summer scents that lacks personality and staying power, Burberry London for Women is an elegant floral fragrance.
Top notes are fresh and luminous with Clementine, honeysuckle and English garden rose.
Heart notes reveal the scent’s delicate and feminine character with tiare flower, sparkling jasmine and soft peony.
Base notes are sophisticated and elegant with subtle hints of sandalwood, veil of musks and patchouli.

My eyes dilated immediately after putting the card to my nose. Ah, it’s different. And different in a good way. It has character. I looked at the imprint on the card again, this time to check out the brand. (Tip: Never judge a scent by its brand. Smell before ascertaining it’s worth your time to know its producer). The fragrance is also very lasting, evoking different olfactory sensations for its top, heart and base notes. Yet, it’s not a decadent sort of smell that reeks of old money and aristocracy. It’s youthful yet confident. Sophisticated, yet understated.
Overall, it exudes quiet, subtle elegance that makes the wearer feel beautiful and smell ethereal. Kudos to an excellent creation!

My advice: Don’t wear it with T-shirt and jeans. They don’t go well together. Wear it when you don on your street chic garb during weekends or use it for office wear.

Does it smell like London? Sorry, no. London is a very grey city to me. Perhaps I visited it during winter. But I can never forget the dank dense cold air, mournfully urban and silently decaying streets. Special mention goes to the advertising strategy for fronting Rachel Weisz in a collage of romantic and intimate images depicting her wonderful London life…, so that users will feel chic and lovely while wearing the scent.

Burberry London Advertisement featuring Rachel Weisz

Apart from this, the Burberry London bottle is clad in an iconic and oversized Burberry Check fabric. The design supposedly introduces a unique approach in merging fashion and fragrance.

Therefore, the fragrance deserves to be a winner because it is so well conceived. But to me, an unforgettable scent still lies in its ‘smell’. Afterall, you certainly can’t wear the bottle nor the advertisement on your sleeve. For this, I boldly confer Burberry London the title of a modern classic.

Am I getting it? Yes. But not now. No money lah. Haha. But, since it is a classic, it will hang around long enough for me to obtain enough moolah. Or my birthday in Fall. ;-)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Living with Bradycardia

I have bradycardia. My heart rate is 50 beats per minute!
Scared 1
What is bradycardia?
A heart rate of less than 60 beats per minute is called bradycardia. The average resting heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute.
Sometimes bradycardia is normal. For example, healthy young adults and well-trained athletes often have resting heart rates of less than 60 beats per minute.
Inappropriate sinus bradycardia, also called bradyarrhythmia, is an abnormally slow heart rate that is caused by certain medical conditions—including heart disease, hypothyroidism, and electrolyte imbalances—and some medicines. In severe forms of bradycardia, the heart beats so slowly that it does not pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. This can be life-threatening.

I hope I belong to the normal, athletic group of individuals though. This is mighty unsettling…especially when there is a likelihood that my languorous heart may cough and die on me before my time is truly up. =(
Optimistically speaking, my heart is so slow and steady that nothing will unfaze me! ;-) Not even pesky Aileen…

Friday, June 16, 2006

Case of Muscular Dystrophy

Invertebrate on a train

Diagnosis: This subject is plagued with the medical condition known as adulthood Becker muscular dystrophy, causing him to lose the ability to stand up straight. Subject finds increasing difficulty to hold himself up as the muscles in his body weaken and degenerate rapidly. When left to stand without any back support, he will gradually slide to the floor.

Doctor’s Recommendations: Attach a 2 metre metal bar behind his back as a form of lumbar support. Societal understanding from public transport commuters is deeply appreciated.

DUH! Whatsup with this guy, and thousands of other inconsiderate MRT commuters like this asshole? When people are precariously straining their thigh and calf muscles to balance themselves in a crowded train, people like this fella, conveniently lean their spineless back onto the entire pole. Wish someone would plunge their nails into their flesh accidentally when making a grab for the pole one day…

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Grouchy day…and a call to up the grump quotient

Well, it’s the time of the month again. No…not the way you must be thinking of right now.
It’s the day for my monthly dental appointment, for braces tightening. ARGH! That equates to at least 1 day of being a dog whose bark is worse than its bite. Literally. Followed by another 2 days of sore and mildly painful teeth. That’s considered a good deal, especially when my teeth have already grown accustomed to the pain. During the first 3 months, each time of re-adjustment was bloody murder.
So there, a-not-so-good day. I didn’t eat breakfast (cos I was too lazy to brush my teeth another time within a space of thirty minutes after waking up). And didn’t have lunch too, since the pain settled in ‘comfortably’ and left me without courage to inflict pressure on my pearlies. All I had was a cup of Jollibean soya milk.
I was making my way home via the MRT when I received this call from a guy called Chris Wan from Club Rainbow. I hate to answer his calls! Why? Because, every time he talks to me, it seems like I have decapitated his whole family, burnt his house and bankrupted his bank account. CrazyThis time, it’s about this donation card that conveniently slipped my mind. “Need to submit it”, he reminded me in his curt voice, and I can literally hear the pissed-off undercurrent in his tone.
The thing is that, I don’t really think he meant to sound rude. Maybe it’s a bad day at work; maybe he dreamt of God telling him that he is doomed to handle the “siá gãng” [shitty work] of Programme Committee Manager in Club Rainbow all his life. But what I suspect is that he simply lacks communication skills.
And therefore, is a misunderstood soul.
Cos, we are all volunteers for this charitable organization, and all volunteers [read: no pay personnel] are all kind people at heart.
Make A Difference
I also feel that most guys fall into this trap of being too curt and even, a tad rude on the phone. Not that we need you to ooze saccharine sweetness over the line, but being ‘matter-of-fact’ and to the point, using a gruff voice can ruin your chances of making a favourable impression on the receiver.
If you guys cannot help it [because you are genetically born with sandpaper voice and have zero communication skills sense], the simplest way to remedy this is to end the call pleasantly, with a proper goodbye. Brownie points for saying this whole sentence “Ok, have a good day then, bye”.
Some idiots actually hang up on you, without warning after saying their piece. Leaves one clueless, like “Har? Anything else? Oh, nothing more….”—Sound of Dial Tone….

That’s how bad their phone etiquette is.
Anyhow, I felt disturbed and mulled over this for 2 stations, before returning to my book. This entry is just a piece of information for guys to sound ‘nicer’ and more ‘gentlemanly’ to others (to man, woman, elderly and children alike) over the phone. Remember, not everyone you talk to is your macho soccer buddy. Be consistently nice so that next time you need to ask for a favour, we wouldn’t die of fits from your ‘newly acquired’ sugary voice.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Comfort food for the deprived soul

Indulgence of the Week:

Sinful Delight

Object of Temptation: Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream
Flavour of Lust: New York Super Fudge Chunk

Sinful Description:
Chocolate Ice Cream with White & Dark Fudge Chunks, Pecans, Walnuts & Fudge Covered Almonds

Criminal’s Confession:
The chocolate ice-cream has a wonderfully rich quality and you can taste the cocoa beautifully. It has a balanced sweetness and each mouthful gives the taster a different gastronomic experience. Biting on the white fudge chunks with the ice-cream makes you think of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream. Dark fudge chunks when consumed with the chocolate ice-cream doubles the sugar rush to your brain, causing you to hallucinate of heaven. Masticating the pecans, walnuts and almonds in icy cold chocolate-ty swirl is such a wholesome delight that inevitably gives you the ultimate oral orgasm.

Taste this once before you die, it’s worth every penny.

Monday, June 12, 2006

10th June 2006-Snap, snap galore!

Saturday was a ‘busy’ day for me. I had to give tuition in the morning, head to Far East Plaza for a dear friend’s official shop opening in the afternoon, and attend Jillian’s wedding dinner in the evening!
I had already mulled over the subject of weddings in the previous entry, so I am going to keep this entry less wordy and post more pictures.
Yes, I had to wear some make-up since I donned on a gown for the dinner. Actually, I dislike putting on make-up. Takes up lots of time (applying and then removing), makes me look older, and I haven’t mastered the art of face painting. If only Andy Lee was my make-up artist…I would request for him to do his ‘magic’ and make me look like: Jacelyn Tay, Maggie Cheung, or God forbid—Michele Reis!
Gown description: Cream colour satin long dress. Satin cream top with collar that hugs the waist and flares into a full dress from waist down. Lower portion is made up of four layers: polyester lining, ‘can can’ lining, cool satin lining, and a simple floral lace layer for the topmost portion. In all, I found it a very ‘Audrey Hepburn’ chic vintage number, which explains why it caught my eye last September. In fact, this is my very first time wearing it!

P/S It was wonderful catching up with Maybelline, Lee Wei, Hock Chye and Jillian!

Pictures Gallery:

Vodaskin's Far East Plaza Official Opening-Maybelline, me and Lee Wei. Congrats and Best Wishes, Mebbey!

Jillian's Wedding: Maybelline, Me and Lee Wei (in exactly the same position as the afternoon shot!)

Me and Lee Wei

Picture with the Groom and Bride: Bambang and Jillian (Second row leftmost couple)

ICM Honours Class Clique: Jillian, Ivy, Lee Wei and Maybelline. Cheers!

My Cheesy Prized Shot with SuperBand Group: Mi Lu Bing! These guys rock! =)


Ivy Picture 2

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wedding Bells Blues

Another friend is getting married today! That’s like the second wedding within a month. Weddings always put me in a pensive mood. Why? Because of a quarter-life crisis I am experiencing, that’s why.

My peers and I are at an age whereby we should be settling down or if not, having an exciting time of living life to the fullest. It should be a period of fascinating discovery, hard work, and yet, above all else, attaining a sense of groundedness. This sense of surety may come in the form of financial independence, newly found faith, finding the right one and taking wedding vows or obtaining the right directions for the path to success in one’s undertakings.

To most people, marrying The Final and ‘Most Right’ person they meet completes their life. In fact, when you have that aspect of your life taken care of, you can go out and conquer the world.

However, weddings are mournful precisely because the happiness you are witnessing does not apply to you. It means that you are left out by Cupid’s blessed arrows. Or is a telling sign that you are too difficult to be selected in the first place. Or that the person you are with does not want to marry you or vice versa.

Instead of moping over these depressing half-truths, I decided to draw up a Fun List of the Reasons People Hate Wedding Dinners.

Ten Reasons Why Weddings Suck:
1. The ‘Sweet Moments of Mr. A and Miss B’ slideshow repeating its 100th run on the screen is giving you diabetes.

2. The bride has seven wedding gown changes and all of them are Vera Wang’s creations.

3. The food is extremely delicious but your dress is too tight to stuff another abalone down your gastro-intestinal tract.

4. After the 7th course serving, you start having difficulty in breathing and concentrates on keeping conscious till the next toilet trip to loosen the zipper… In the meantime, you try to look natural and smile politely every 5 min.

5. Watching paint dry is more interesting than talking to the poker faced strangers seated around the dinner table.

6. The ang pow you gave contains your last 100 bucks from your bank account.

7. Your university classmate is going on tirelessly about his pay bonuses, luxury car, newly bought condominium in District 10 and pending BIG promotion. Your mind is still on your last 100 bucks, which happens to be on the reception table outside the ballroom.

8. The fairytale wedding is picture perfect and fantastic down to the very last detail. Your cheapskate fiancé next to you frowns disapprovingly at the ostentatious display of extravagance and comments that he prefers weddings to be ‘simple’ affairs-especially his.

9. You spend the rest of the night picturing your soon-to-be void deck wedding dinner with the crickets as percussionists and bullfrogs as singers. And yes, your wedding gown, a real steal at 20% off from This Fashion.

10. You really want the ‘Yum Seng’ session to be over and done with fast, sit down and finish the food. What? You have to ‘Yum Seng’ 3 times????!!!! The soccer match starts at 11pm for Christ's sake!

Love-O-Meter Gauge (from the not so professional love guru):
If you see yourself marrying the person you are with right now; the odds are: You have found the right one. If you can’t picture that, I think you should stop wasting each other’s time and youth. Move on…

Sunday, June 04, 2006

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

I caught all 3 of the X-Men Movie Series. Am I a fan? Not really. Do I like X-Men? Yes. I like its presentation, the effects, the characters and the storyline. The entire package: Brilliant.

Ten Personal Thoughts After Watching X-Men 3.
1. All mutants seem to possess some super-human powers that work in their favour. In real life, mutations are not all for the better. Perhaps Evolution is a better word.

2. Brainpower is the most powerful force the world has to contend with.

3. People fear others who are different from them. And view diversity to be a source of threat than a call for celebration.

4. Extermination of a race…Takes place all the time in the world. And what drives it? Fear, Power Struggle, Racial Superiority and the Need for Dominance.

5. We are all in a dilemma and torn between being unique individuals and wanting to fit in. To stand out and be an exhibit or to blend into the background?

6. If all angels look like Ben Foster, in the buff…I want an angel to rescue me.

A Beautiful Angel

7. How does Halle Berry look so great at age 40? I want to know her secret…

Cooking up a Storm

8. Magneto has a stupid-looking hat (I am sure he prefers it to be called: helmet).

9. There happens to be lots of un-realistic scenes in reel life. X-men 3 contains many. 1 of which is the biggest question bugging all who will prefer Wolverine to be stripped naked.
Biggest Spoiler of the Movie:
While Wolverine is trying to walk toward Jean in the final showdown: His clothes (and chunks of his skin) are ripped off. There are a few shots where his pants have been ripped down to boxer brief length, but after he reaches Jean, they are full pants again. CRAP. He can self heal and recover his flesh, but clothes??? We say, pay the guy more…for more screen exposure. Haha.

Of Brawns and Claws

10. Give in to your desires sometimes. Never deprive yourself too much. Look at Jean Grey, she used to be all sugar and nice…Now? She’s a psycho bitch. I am eating more ice-cream and chocolates from now on.


Memorable Quotes: (Watch it and read this later... You will be able to appreciate this section more)

Wolverine: Who's the furball?
Beast: Hank McCoy, Secretary of Mutant Affairs.
Wolverine: Right, right. Secretary. Nice suit.
Prof. Charles Xavier: Henry, this is Logan. He's, uh...
Beast: Wolverine. I hear you are quite an animal.
Wolverine: Look who's talkin'.

A Diplomatic Beast

Prof. Charles Xavier: [to Class] When an individual acquires great power, the use or misuse of that power is everything, will it be used for the greater good or will it be used for personal or destructive ends? Now this is a question we must all ask ourselves. Why? Because we are mutants.

Kitty Pryde: [Responding to Professor X Previous Statement] But Einstein said "Ethics are an exclusive human concern without any super human authority behind it."
Prof. Charles Xavier: Einstein wasn't a mutant, as far as we know.

Magneto: No one ever talks about extermination. They just do it. And you go on with your lives, ignoring the signs around you. And then one day, when the air is still and the night is fallen, they come for you. Only then do you realize that while you're talking about organizing and committees, the extermination has already begun. Make no mistake, my brothers, they will draw first blood. They will force their cure upon us. There is only one question you must answer: Who will you stand with?

Magneto's Team

Magneto: In chess, the pawns go first.

Wolverine: Let's see you grow *those* back. (You need to watch the movie to know what *those* are).

Prof. Charles Xavier: Something woke her. But she has to be controlled.
Wolverine: You know, sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry.

Beast: A major pharmaceutical company has developed a way to suppress the mutant X-Gene, permanently. They're calling it a cure.
Storm: Since when did we become a disease?

Wolverine: [while he and Beast are fighting off Magneto's forces] I thought you were a diplomat. Beast: Churchill said that there comes a time when every man must...
[pauses to fight off another baddie, then another, then another]
Beast: Oh, you get the idea!

Daily Trivia:
Cyclops--a character we almost never saw without his sunglasses on will be playing Superman in Superman Returns! Now, James Marsden will get all the airtime to himself.


What do Superman and Cyclops the Mutant have in common? Answer: James Marsden

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Over the Hedge and Beyond

Movie Poster

Over the Hedge, the latest animation from DreamWorks Animation is truly an enjoyable movie, although it left the audiences wanting more after only a mere 1 h 27 min of showtime. It’s witty, funny, and teaches values like family togetherness, teamwork, friendship, love and forgiveness. Plus, Hammy the Hyperactive Squirrel is SOOoooo cute, especially when he looks longingly, with the roundest, most pathetic eyes at a flying cookie, and utters, “But I like the cookie.” It’s this form of childlike candour that will melt the hearts of everyone.

Here are some cute pictures of the cast:

Forest Creatures Staring at the Hedge that Partitions the Forest from the Human Community

Hammy the Squirrel Pretending to be Rabid to Steal a Cart of Cookies

Forest Creatures with Human Tools-Life made Easier.

Stealing Food as a Gang

Comrades in Crime-Fridge Raiders Unite!

And quotes from the movie:
RJ the Raccoon: No, Hammy, not the cookie. I told you that cookie was garbage.
Hammy the Squirrel: But I like the cookie.

RJ: That is an S.U.V. humans ride in then because they are slowly losing their ability to walk.
Lew the Porcupine: Wow it's huge!
Hammy the Squirrel: How many people fit in there?
RJ: Normally, about one.

Hammy the Squirrel: Wanna help me look for my nuts?
RJ: As tempting as that sounds, I'll have to pass.

Movie Goofs:
RJ the Raccoon stops Verne the Tortoise from eating a diaper out of the trash, but the trash is in front of Gladys's house and Gladys doesn't have children.
By the way: Gladys is a neurotic, potential spinster who is a career woman in a black power suit. She is the main nemesis of all the forest creatures.

adopt your own virtual pet!