Monday, June 12, 2006

10th June 2006-Snap, snap galore!

Saturday was a ‘busy’ day for me. I had to give tuition in the morning, head to Far East Plaza for a dear friend’s official shop opening in the afternoon, and attend Jillian’s wedding dinner in the evening!
I had already mulled over the subject of weddings in the previous entry, so I am going to keep this entry less wordy and post more pictures.
Yes, I had to wear some make-up since I donned on a gown for the dinner. Actually, I dislike putting on make-up. Takes up lots of time (applying and then removing), makes me look older, and I haven’t mastered the art of face painting. If only Andy Lee was my make-up artist…I would request for him to do his ‘magic’ and make me look like: Jacelyn Tay, Maggie Cheung, or God forbid—Michele Reis!
Gown description: Cream colour satin long dress. Satin cream top with collar that hugs the waist and flares into a full dress from waist down. Lower portion is made up of four layers: polyester lining, ‘can can’ lining, cool satin lining, and a simple floral lace layer for the topmost portion. In all, I found it a very ‘Audrey Hepburn’ chic vintage number, which explains why it caught my eye last September. In fact, this is my very first time wearing it!

P/S It was wonderful catching up with Maybelline, Lee Wei, Hock Chye and Jillian!

Pictures Gallery:

Vodaskin's Far East Plaza Official Opening-Maybelline, me and Lee Wei. Congrats and Best Wishes, Mebbey!

Jillian's Wedding: Maybelline, Me and Lee Wei (in exactly the same position as the afternoon shot!)

Me and Lee Wei

Picture with the Groom and Bride: Bambang and Jillian (Second row leftmost couple)

ICM Honours Class Clique: Jillian, Ivy, Lee Wei and Maybelline. Cheers!

My Cheesy Prized Shot with SuperBand Group: Mi Lu Bing! These guys rock! =)


Ivy Picture 2


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