Thursday, May 11, 2006

Care Bears' Conversation

I have 'adopted' 2 Care Bears recently. The yellow bear is called Funshine Bear and the pink one is called Cheer bear. Funshine is a boy bear and Cheer is a girl bear.
Here is how a likely conversation between them will go:

Funshine is surprised to see Cheer looking different today
Funshine: Hiya Cheer Bear! Wow! What’s that you are wearing in your hair?
Cheer: Hello Funshine! I am wearing a hair clip. =) Is it nice?

Funshine examines Cheer closely
Funshine: Whoa! I don’t know Care Bears wear hair clips…. (scrutinizes Cheer Bear intently)
Cheer: Well, I am a girl. Oh course I can wear a pretty hair clip.
Funshine: True. Still, I think wearing a hair clip is rather uncomfortable. Doesn’t it grip your hair too hard and give you a headache?
Cheer: Hm…yep. But I am having a bad hair day. =(

Cheer removes her hair clip
Cheer: See, Funshine. BAD HAIR DAY. Sigh….
Funshine: (Looks at Cheer Bear’s unruly tuft of hair) Arh…I see.

Funshine feels Cheer's hair looks really bad
Funshine: I guess you do need to clip down your hair today.
Cheer: Indeed. Not everyone is blessed with nice curly golden hair like yours. Do you have a personal hair stylist?

Funshine: Heehee…Nope! Care Bears don’t have our hair styled professionally unless we need to go on television. There’s no need for it now since our cartoons have stopped airing. Those horrible Pokemons have put us out of business for a long time.
Funshine and Cheer Bear smile sadly at each other and reminisce about the good ol' glory days.

(Yea...The ultimate boliao-ness of Ivy Yeo...)


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