Friday, April 07, 2006

Ebony and Iv(or)y

The feeling of missing someone strikes me during the most unexpected moments. Today, I was flipping through an expired newspaper when I spotted Jamyee Ong hugging her cat Monet. That was when I experienced a pang of emptiness since the day my neighbourhood cat went away...Or missing.
I have named the estate resident cat "Ebony" due to the coat of glossy midnight black fur she posesses. Every evening when I return home, she will be sitting in a conspicuous corner painstakingly maintaining her beautiful fur. When I try approaching her, she would run into the drain and then curiously peek out. After assessing the stranger from afar, she would then take her chances with the amiable-looking ones, come out of her lair and play with them. The lure of food is never a foolhardy trick to get her. One has to really be nice and persistent. =)

What's endearing about her is that, though wary and shy initially, she recognises me and will walk towards me when beckoned. She is perceptive and will only tug at my legs with her paws on days that I am wearing pants. Bare legs are a no-no. Clever and considerate cat. Apart from that, she likes to snuggle against my legs and curl up in front of me. She even indulges in an occasional game of 'grab-it-if-you-can'.

There is always the question, "Do you prefer cats or dogs?" when it comes to discussions on pets. (wonder why we don't ask "Do you prefer fish or gerbils?" for starters).
Then again, the world appears divided along the fault lines of cats versus dog lovers. Again I wonder why the liking has to be mutually exclusive. However, I am proud to proclaim that I prefer cats to dogs. And I love little kittens!!!

In my opinion,
Cats: They are independent, can take good care of themselves, take pride in grooming themselves, are quieter, possess poise and elegance. Dogs are the anti-thesis of the above, especially the smaller ones. Big pedigree dogs are in a class of their own and I hold them in high esteem.

To many, cats are unloyal and proud creatures but I guess they are just misunderstood. Cats remember their companions too, but they know that loss is something natural that has to be dealt with personally and gracefully. And I always feel that you have to earn the love of a cat. Cats do not dispense out love indiscriminately. Being loved by a cat is a hundred times more satisfying then being salivated upon by a dog. A cat owner needs to be a confident but unassuming person. He needs to know that having a cat is not ownership but quiet companionship. He will have to take heart that he is not the God of his cat and she does not have to appear like she is meeting her favorite idol when he comes home each day.
Before I go on further and enrage accidental readers (cats haters/ dog lovers) who chance upon this entry, I shall end off with a picture of how dear Ebony looks like, together with some cute pictures of cats. I hope that wherever she is, she is still enjoying her days to the fullest. Meow!!

My Ebony:

My Ebony---All curled up in a bed of ivory.

Other cats:

'Hide and Seek' is fun! I am so tiny...find me if you can


Bring me home...Pick one of us!!


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