Friday, January 27, 2006

Spring Cleaning-ARGH!

I was issued the ultimatum by my mum. CLEAN UP OR SHIP OUT! I have the messiest study room anyone has seen. It is strewn with books, jackets, grocery plastic bags (in which I stash my ‘swotting’ sustenance), printed materials, magazines and newspapers. And people (meaning: disgusted family members) have to wade through them upon entering the study. Shucks… I anticipate that I would have to spend at least 1 full day packing…and I am always prioritizing other things over cleaning. Plus, I have already cleaned up many other areas....

My mum ranted, “Hey! I thought you are a cleanliness freak??? Why are you SOOOOO messy?” I guess I have decided to ignore the mess in the face of higher callings (dissertation-in-progress). But thinking of my worm-like co-existence with the gazillions of microbial, illness-inflicting germs and bacteria in my workplace is an unsettling thought that nags at my conscience from the recesses of my mind. Plus, I have been constantly turning a blind eye to the occasional frantic ant that scurries across my laptop for too long. Time for extermination of the ickys to start!!

Friday lah! I have some documents to do up today. And an evening class to attend. Either that or I will have to bear the dirty looks of my entire family throughout the festive season and lock the door of my study to prevent nosey relatives from uncovering this hell hole…

Daily Trivia:
Lack of sleep will increase the production of the hormone, cortisol. Hunger regulation will not function that effectively, and the body's resistance to insulin will also increase. All in all, that means lower metabolic rate and a sluggish carbohydrates burning capability.
Moral of the story: Sleep more or catch up on your beauty sleep this festive season.


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