Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why do kids write like that?

Why do kids write and spell like that?

hApPiE bElAtED bURfDAe ChEr~hEeS...srYSry... I sMsED Euu wrOng dAte.HaAs...PaIseY...GoT EnJOy Yer bURfDae mAhx?hEHe. BTw, Yr BlOG nVr EdiT aRhX?miishEd Euu loAdS!!tAKe CaRE~ (segment grabbed from my sister's site)

Apparently, old foggies like me (meaning anyone 23 and above) cannot identify with this modern font.
Definitely something myopia inducing.....


Blogger snow angel said...

Either that they find this kinds of lettering cute and stylish and cool, or it's their way of identifying with their age group.

Maybe it's also to prevent adults to easily figure out what they are talking about as a form of coding, for example, when adults look at this kinds of letterings, they may find it irritating and get turned off.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Moi said...

Thanks huh... officially included into your old foggies category this year.... :( haha

9:56 PM  

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