Friday, February 03, 2006

The Perfect Gift for a Dickhead

A dear friend needed to buy a gift for his best bud. While he was pondering over what to get for that dude, I chipped in my two cents worth. “Buy him a T-shirt! Everyone needs more than 1 tee, and it’s something that would be used, rather than an ornament that sits around collecting dust.”
Problem is, this birthday boy is really one hell of a skirt-chasing, gal crazy, yin needy, "Ooh, I'm God's gift to women" guy who has a talent for sniffing out estrogen from a mile. Plus, he is an amazing human specimen who defies the law of science that states ‘light travels faster than sound’. You get hear his voice 5 five minutes before he appears, but since he’s not very bright, you cannot see him very well.
If anyone has watched the “American Pie” series, well, he epitomizes the Steve Stifler aka Steve-meister in the show. You get the picture…Enuff said….
So, today, I have with me some slogans that would go well on the T-shirt this bugger deserves to have:

Suggested T-shirt 1

Suggested T-shirt 2

Suggested T-shirt 3

Suggested T-shirt 4

Suggested T-shirt 5

Suggested T-shirt 6 (Fine Print Reads: except the fat, ugly, too skinny, knobby-kneed, pigeon-toed, brossed-eyed, bucked toothed, baggage carrying, bitchy, whiney and she thinks she's too good for me ones)

Suggested T-shirt 7

Suggested T-shirt 8

So, yea, if anyone of you have dickheads for friends, you can print one of these as gifts for them too. And yep, it is Crabby Ivy taking over today for this entry ;-)


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