Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Craving for a Good Cup of Milk Tea

Had a sudden craving for milk tea during lunch, so, I tried making a cup for myself in the kitchen. However, the result was not up to my expectation for it was my first time fixing milk tea. Usually, I prefer to drink green tea on its own, or red/ black tea with some of sugar. I did not manage to get the proportion of milk to tea right and it tasted too milky for my liking. Disgusted, I emptied the cup into the sink and gave up for the time being.
The craving hit me again during dinner...What's up with my body? It's so persistent...Ok, to be precise, what's up with my brain? My feet found themselves walking in the direction of the supermarket and that's when I purchased a packet of Lipton Milk Tea. Instant 3-in-1, so I guess it's a no-brainer in terms of the need to get the perfect balance between tea and milk proportions.
Unfortunately, upon drinking the tea, I felt disappointed. I thought Lipton is the market leader for tea beverages. But the Instant Milk Tea fell short of expectations. A good milk tea should allow the drinker to taste the subtle but distinct fragrance of the tea. I cannot pick out any hint of that, even with my sensitive taste buds. I am extremely displeased for I paid good money for inferior tea. =(
If anyone has any recommendations, or method of attaining the perfect cup of milk tea, please write to me. =)

The tea without the Oomph!


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