Thursday, April 27, 2006

My ideal life

If I have a choice:
My ideal life will be living in a picturesque little valley framed by snow-capped mountains and a placid lake. In the endless expanse of lush green land sits my magnificent castle al la Mr. Darcy’s abode in Pride and Prejudice (with the best spa facilities, riding grounds, tennis courts, private plane hangar and a well-equipped observatory tower for star gazing). All around the estate, a thousand flowers bloom whereby the fragrance of the morning air will rouse me from my slumber and the evening musky scent will bring me restful sleep.

My life will be spent meaningfully devouring knowledge in the impressive library that house the world’s finest collection of literature, from science to astrophysics, to medicine, history, geography, architecture, engineering, business and theology. I can learn all the languages of the world at my own pace. I can take singing lessons from Sarah Brightman in the afternoons; master my piano playing for an hour daily…. And paint the landscape on lazy Fridays. I will cultivate an organic garden housing thyme, rosemary and all the kitchen herbs and vegetables for cooking. I can experiment baking the best tasting brownies in the world for all my friends and family.

Sometimes I can relax in my Olympic-sized Jacuzzi with powerful hydro-jets before having a masseuse give me a Swedish massage; watch the golden sunset with my loved one in a silver Piper plane; spend some quiet nights sipping wine and plotting out the coordinates of the Milky Way; while away the Monday blues (why should I have any in first place) by go-karting around my circuit track; go rowing in the serene lake or spend a Sunday with my beautiful stallion.

Ah…the beauty of imagination and dreaming! That takes all the pain and stress out of my life and offers me respite from the harsh reality of life. Why not?

The perfect setting for spending my ideal life


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