Monday, June 26, 2006

All about Mango…MNG

Coolness is wearing clothes 2 sizes too big...

Truth to be told, I seriously do not understand the pandemonium that MNG stores experience every time they put up a SALE sign. Nor can I relate to the gushes and giggles of excited ladies upon finding out that Mango is slashing its prices.
Before 2005, I never owned anything from the Spanish label. As of today, I only possess a grand total of 4 items from the brand. 1 pair of sea foam green resort trousers, a matching Mango three-quarter sleeve tee, 1 orange Mango Addict short sleeve tee and 1 square scarf. That’s really telling of my lukewarm reception towards the brand, since my wardrobe is considered…well...ahem, substantial.
The 2 T-shirts lost their ability to hug my body after a mere 3 washes. The pair of trousers was bought because I love its unique sweet colour—and amazingly found the cut to be fitting.
Mango clothes are still more suitable for the big boned, well endowed Spanish ladies, so I am rather puzzled as to why petite, slim Singaporean gals can pay good money to buy fabric to hang on their bodies.
Perhaps that’s why people only flocked to the stores during the sale period. That’s when they can buy on impulse and feed their obsession for the stores’ offerings.
Then again, I attribute good marketing to boost the brand’s profile and sales. It’s trendy, cool and affordable to the average young executive. And since it has mass appeal, it comes with the high approval ratings of your peers when you mention that your top is from Mango. The aforementioned factors are so powerful that it conditions the mind to see the apparently unflattering image in the dressing room as gorgeous.
And keep the cash register busy

As for me, the only Mango I can never resist is the Mango gelato from Bravissimo.


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