Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bad Dreams are Made of These

Dancing Baby

Ally hallucinates the freaky, Ivy dreams the bad...

Freaky? For those of you who have watched Ally McBeal, this dancing baby is making Ally (Calista Flockhart) go bananas… She hallucinates of him at the most unexpected moments. Reason? Her subconscious is telling her that her biological clock is ticking.

As for my case, I am a very crabby girl these days. I dream too much. Bad dreams. Recurrent ones. It is very disturbing.

Bad Dream 1:
I am a character in a Maple Story-like game. My task to run up a castle before the keeper of the castle catches up with me. If he does, I will not pass this stage and have to repeat the quest.
Why is it bad?
Remember the experience of running as fast as you can to prevent a mad dog from biting you? Yea, you get the picture. Terribly stressful. To be stressed up while sleeping, I am not at all thrilled.

Bad Dream 2:
Being stuck in a shopping mall and having to walk around endlessly just to find something (I don’t even know what that is!!!).
Why is it bad?
Think of the nooks and crannies of Far East Plaza Shopping Centre. And the head spinning sensation if you continue to walk around in circles, getting frustrated at not finding the thing you want. In this case, the bloody problem is that I do not even know WHAT I AM SEARCHING for! How to leave the building? Crap.

Bad Dream 3:
A couple is holding hands and walking along a road. A female ghost cradling an extra head in her arms haunts them by following them. As the couple continues walking, they feel this terrible sensation of a huge force pressing on their shoulders and arms. They try to fight the ghost off by trying to lift the weight on their shoulders to no avail.
Why is it bad?
I can feel the pressure of the 'supernatural' force on my shoulders too. YikeS!

If I analyze my dreams, it is not difficult to ascertain what is plaguing my subconscious at the moment.
In the meantime, maybe I should just try to sleep less to avoid dreaming. Defeats the purpose of rest too, if the mind is still actively involved in crazy, nonsensical dreams.


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