Friday, June 16, 2006

Case of Muscular Dystrophy

Invertebrate on a train

Diagnosis: This subject is plagued with the medical condition known as adulthood Becker muscular dystrophy, causing him to lose the ability to stand up straight. Subject finds increasing difficulty to hold himself up as the muscles in his body weaken and degenerate rapidly. When left to stand without any back support, he will gradually slide to the floor.

Doctor’s Recommendations: Attach a 2 metre metal bar behind his back as a form of lumbar support. Societal understanding from public transport commuters is deeply appreciated.

DUH! Whatsup with this guy, and thousands of other inconsiderate MRT commuters like this asshole? When people are precariously straining their thigh and calf muscles to balance themselves in a crowded train, people like this fella, conveniently lean their spineless back onto the entire pole. Wish someone would plunge their nails into their flesh accidentally when making a grab for the pole one day…


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