Friday, June 23, 2006

Happiness is …Facing the world with a beautifully nude mien

Today I happened to look through some of the stuff on my dressing table and was dismayed to realize that a section of the table is relegated to under-used items.
They come in the form of foundation, powder, blushes, and eye shadows in many shades and mascaras. Lipsticks even. I feel rather sad. I bought them in the hope of prettifying myself but they ended up in ‘cold storage’. The worst thing is that, unbeknownst to many gals, make-up does have a very limited shelf life.
Mascaras have to be dumped after the 3rd month upon opening, liquid foundations can be kept for 1 year, cream blushers and eye shadows must be trashed after a maximum of 2 years etc…
Problem is, I am always intrigued by the interesting pots and compacts that promises to make the plainest Jane an instant gorgeous beauty, but is TOO LAZY to spend a good twenty minutes heaping these products onto my face. Then again, I am NO Jane. ;-)
I hoard these items, only to dump them very much unused later.
Part of my list of 10 philosophical guidelines includes this: Good skincare is more important than good make-up.
I am taking this a bit too literally.
But, I seriously feel for young girls and ladies who never leave home without make-up. They quote the reason of needing to look polish and say it is a form of social etiquette. I don’t deny that good make-up skills can transform a person’s image. However, it’s really tiring to paint yourself into a person society can accept and glorify as a good looker. Sad to say, the Wendys and Dawns of our society succeeded in getting the media spotlight they crave through war-paint and plastic respectively. Both weapons of seduction are used in the case of the latter.
And it is a vicious cycle. The more make-up you use, the less likely are you to leave home without it. It is a form of low self esteem.
Natural is beautiful too. So, I have to admit that I am a slave to slathering serums, moisturizers and sun screen on my skin. In the name of looking great without make-up. Ironic? Not for me.
I don’t deny that sometimes, I want to look like Jolin Tsai for a day—the entire package! Complete with luscious fake eyelashes, and acrylic nails! It’s an experiment that promises to be fun and satisfying. When that day comes, I will even do an MTV dance to commemorate the coming of age of a make-up idiot who cannot draw her eyeliner without smudging.

P/S Yes, Aileen, you can have my Lancome Hypnose Mascara...your gain, my loss. =(

Jolin Tsai - Dance Diva

Jolin's Dance Diva MTV from her latest album-my kind of falsies and nails package! A classic case of weird scrawny gal turned dance diva with make-up. Now, we like! =)


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