Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Most interestingly yummy chocolate…

Japan is the ‘It’ place to buy an interesting assortment of Kit Kat chocolates. To the delight of some alternative chocolate eaters, some of its unorthodox offerings are shipped to the shores of sunny Singapura.
I find the prices horrendous though, and refrained from buying any, for novelty's sake. It is after all considered a non-gourmet and mass produced chocolate.
My fortune to know a darling gave me the opportunity to sample these highly addictive, but weird chocs.

Kit Kat Cherry Blossom Chocolates-Limited Edition

Apart from the attractive pink packaging, I was rather skeptical of its taste before eating. I mean, how can you capture the taste of Sakura in chocolate? It’s a tall order, especially when you are churning out ‘fingers’ by the tonne, unlike those lovingly handmade confectionery sold in pretty and exorbitant packages.
Yea! It tasted yummi-licious!
Don’t think it simply tasted like strawberry chocolate. Because, it doesn’t.
The Kit Kat Cherry Blossom chocolate has red bean powdered praline wafers covered in white chocolate. Though hardly a chocolate connoisseur, I conclude that the trick lies in using white instead of milk or dark chocolate. It tasted refreshingly light; therefore, one’s taste buds can detect the mild and subtle hint of Sakura on your tongue. The fluffy feel-good sweetness lingers in your mouth even after the contents have made their way down your esophagus.
Apparently, this Cherry Blossom-themed treat is used as a lucky charm by Japanese school-kids during exams. While the rest of us do not need to take exams anymore, it is definitely worth trying.
Moreover, it whetted my appetite for other novel offerings from Nestle.
Priced between $2.60--$2.80 (7-Eleven’s more expensive), it’s rather steeped for 4 little sticks of chocolate.


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