Saturday, March 31, 2007

Illuminating Wands

The key to glowing dewy skin is 8 hours of undisturbed sleep, 2 litres of water/day and of course, good genes.
However, not many urbanites can adhere to this set of rules and often we are plagued by dull skin, a lack luster mien and dark shadows under our eyes.
Cheat a little. Yes, we all do. Use an illuminator. (Dang! Why does this sound like an advertorial??!!! I am not even getting paid.)

Anyway, back to the point of needing a little help in the radiance department. There is a product called a ‘highlighter’ in the beauty industry. It is used for:
a. Taking away signs of fatigue thereby giving a radiant well rested glow to our faces.
b. Banishing dark shadows from our eyes.
c. Concealing minor imperfections.
d. Lightening acne scars.
e. Contouring our features—cheeks and nose.

Take it as a multi-purpose all-in-one makeup product.
You can even use it on its own. (Which is, by the way, an excellent suggestion in my opinion). This will achieve the ‘no-makeup effect’ that is a very popular runway look. Good for just perking up your complexion, evening out its tone and looking so prettily natural.
So go minimalistic on your good skin days.
Or use over liquid foundation/ under two way cake for that extra touch.

My two favourites are:
1. The cult status YSL Touche Eclat in Shade No. 2. ($52 SGD)
2. L’Oreal Touche Magique in Natural Beige (ard $21 SGD)
Honestly, the main difference is in their price. YSL costs around 2.5 times more than its L’Oreal counterpart!!!

YSL dispenses the product with a click (think of a click pen) whereas L’Oreal’s offering comes in a turn dial. My user experience is that apart from the significant price difference, YSL’s highlighter requires less effort to blend into the skin. Other than that, I think you can only tell the difference if you leave both of them on for more than 6 hours. The effect of YSL’s radiance product lasts! In fact, it just gets better.
It’s these subtleties that differentiate the affordable and the more pricey stuff.
N.B. Both their textures are too light to cover the angry zits or stubborn marks. To tackle those flaws, you will have to use a cream concealer.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

我和姥姥 My Grandmother and I

Attended Aileen’s play production on Thursday evening.

Overall, it was fine. Some of the cast members did very well. Unfortunately, some fell short. I was expecting a near flawless production and questioned Aileen for the reason. Apparently, their professor wanted a more organic approach to it. Moreover, their performance will be graded. No wonder. How can anyone be highly agitated and adopt a relaxed posture. That’s not believable dudes!

Alright, I am not being biased here, but Aileen was great! She took on the role of “姥姥”—the grandmother of the lead actress. She could grasp her role and masterfully portrayed the elderly character an elderly woman through the use of appropriate mannerisms and apt intonation. Anyway, hers cannot be termed as consummate acting but it was good enough. I rate it a B+ to A-. Just take care of the 3rd and 4th scenes tonight sister!

Aileen the Doting Grandmother

Photo shots:

Ok, she doesn't look so old after all! Phew! =P

Waiting for Aileen to be dismissed after her de-brief.

Sepia Shot

Suspending Judgement

Stuntswoman in making

Ok, take a breather...

Yikes! I am locked out! Let me in!

The National Museum of Singapore is a very beautiful place. If you haven’t been there yet, you can consider it a date worthy location. Spacious, quiet and clean. What a perfect setting to get to know people better.

Have a cuppa at Wa Bar and Café. You can browse through the books on the shelves while drinking your coffee or relax in the couch for a tête-à-tête.

Where to spot lean mean road machines? Yes, at the National Museum of Singapore! There’s a Novus Restaurant and Bar located on the first floor.

Sorry, call me a wannabe but it's one of my life's goals to own one of these beauties. The Lotus is just a reluctant alternative to the much coveted Lamborghini.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

While I Was Sleeping…

Fell terribly sick for no particular reason since Tuesday. It started off with mild throat discomfort on Monday evening and by Tuesday afternoon I was experiencing body aches and chills.
Spent the entire Tuesday night and Wednesday in bed.
Guess what happened while I was sleeping?

Aileen decided that the care bears’ magical power will facilitate a speedy recovery.
So I woke up with them staring in my face, with a formation that looks pretty powerful. Care Bears Shine!

Way to go sister! \(-_-)/


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Watching the Clouds Go By

Aileen’s graduation play will open officially tonight at the National Museum of Singapore.

I can see that she has been slogging herself silly everyday with rehearsals and all. I am sure it will be one impressive production.

I am very proud of her for choosing a course I have interest in but will not do.

This play runs daily from Tuesday 27 March 2007 to Friday 30 March 2007. You can all buy tickets through SISTIC bookings (click here) over the internet. There’s a concession given to students and senior citizens. Last I heard, only today’s and Thursday’s seats are available. Get some tickets for an evening of good script and superb acting to chill out after office/school hours.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Barry Berry Good

I adore Drew Barrymore for being so effortlessly beautiful.

Natural, chic and divinely delicious all rolled into one without trying too hard.

What a sweetheart! She looks smashing especially with minimal makeup on.

"Music and Lyrics" is her latest movie which I hope to catch someday. It’s just another light hearted chick flick but watching her in action is always such a pleasure.

Couldn’t say that for Hugh Grant. He is a little too stiff for my liking. Is it a common British affliction? ;-P

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Eye-conic Creams

I honestly feel that Clinique products are fuss-free and comparatively effective.
Anyway, their eye creams are pretty good too and suitable for ladies whose ages range from 20-50. Beyond that, I reckon that there are products from other brands that will provide a more intensive treatment for the mature woman.

I am using these creams and so far, they do the job just fine to take sleep deprivation off my peepers.

This one is for the night because of its ‘heavier’ and richer formula. Good for young lines. Not for embedded stubborn lines. That type—please treat it with botox and other surgical procedures.

Product Name: Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream
Description: Potent moisturizing cream focuses skin’s energies on repair. Targets the appearance of eye-area lines and wrinkles. Protects with skin-defending ingredients. Strengthens vulnerable skin. For a brighter, vibrant, refreshed look. Patent pending. For all skin types.
Quantity: 15ml bottle. (lasts 5 months with 1 application a day)
Price: Around $70 plus SGD? I forgot.

I use this in the day. No need for guessing too hard why. SPF darlings! Not many creams offer SPF in their eye creams. And the eye area may be too delicate for any ol’ facial sunscreen.

Product Name: Derma White™ Eye Moisture SPF 15
Description: Eye-area moisture cream instantly brightens the look of dark undereye shadows and discolourations. Over time, helps brighten the appearance of dark spots. Helps maintain skin’s cellular integrity with Clinique’s patent-pending IPF technology.* Non-irritating SPF protection. Ophthalmologist tested.
*U.S. and International Patents Pending.
Quantity: 15 ml tube
Price: $54 SGD (latest price)

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Missing in the land of Oz

The Tin Woman needs a heart!Been trying to find something like this for so long, but the last time I tried several months back, the accessories shop ran out of stock. And there after, I have been missing a heart.
It's plasticky, glossy red, 3 dimensional and comes with a golden long necklace. If anyone of you see it, please alert me to where to buy it.
Haven't had the opportunity to shop. No Far East Plaza, no Bugis for me. How in the world will I find one this way?

(P/S Love Vivien's one, but this is the original one that I have been searching for ages).


Friday, March 23, 2007

Brand New Look with Links!

Dearest friends and readers, I have finally done up the blogroll for this site. Yahoo!

With this beach theme, it sure looks like this blog is heading towards a hedonistic and frivolous direction.
Therefore, I am still undecided as to whether to change it to another theme or revert back to the old one. A part of me like the old version better!!!

Here’s something you can take note of:

1. You can help by telling me what you like. True, it may be a personal thing, but sometimes, I wish some of you did not change your blog skin!

2. I may have created a link to your blog. Ok, look real hard cos I came up with my own descriptions. If you are uncomfortable ‘getting linked’, please inform me, I will take it down immediately.

3. If you have been reading this blog for sometime, I would like to know if you have a blogsite that I can visit too!

4. If I have missed out your blog (this is most unfortunate), it must be because I am getting senile. Please send me a gentle reminder to link you.

Alright! Put your stuff up in the comments or tag board section. =)


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lusty Goodness (LG made good)

This phone captured my heart the moment I laid my eyes on it.

It's basically the LG KE850 bearing a Prada design and packaging and will have a unique Prada user interface.

Goodness gracious. With a touch screen display (no keypad), it's just like the iPhone--but classier. So much for the LG Chocolate, which I think looks neither like a chocolate bar nor tastes as delicious.

With a classic minimalist design, featuring an utterly stylish white on black user interface, this comes in a swanky Prada designed leather case.

Photo Credits:

I wonder how much it's going to cost.

I hope I don't succumb to temptation and buy Sony Ericsson's K810i before that. I am sure Mr. Tan can give me some good advice. =P
I don’t yak on the phone, I don’t even sms regularly. Tell me why I deserve this beautiful gadget?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Help Hunnybaby get a new habitat!

I adopted this new flying feline. You can see it flapping around on top of my Cbox on your left hand side scrollbar.

Ok, this sounds idiotic. To change the background, I have to earn points to get him a new 'habitat'. What??!!! That means I have to 'visit' him and play some games to obtain more points.

A "Themepark" background costs 300 points. A "Clouds" background costs 500 points. Good grief. (-_-)

And I thought playing online games like Gunbound, MapleStory to earn points to buy stuff is NUTS...

So, I hope that you guys help me out. When you visit my blog, just click on my flying Hunnybaby to 'sayang' him. Or better still, when you are really bored, there's an icon after at the bottom. Play some mini-games and then submit your points after that. This will help him live in a more suitable environment.

God, I have underestimated the child in me.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The lowdown on skinny

Have been feeling rather uninspired to post serious writing up here.
So, here’s another frivolous entry.

I was buying some toiletries in Watson’s when I came across a make shift shelf stocked with colorful candy packets. The latest Japanese sweets? I decided to examine them at closer range.

A promoter lurking around her counter sensed a potential customer and emerged from shadows. I soon learnt that this is the LATEST slimming product on the market.
Slimming candies imported from Japan. A best seller in both the Taiwanese and Japanese markets.
Apparently, it is made from Basil Seed and you drink a glass of water and then place it in your mouth to dissolve it slowly. When taken 30 minutes or more before your meals, it will curb your cravings and make you less hungry. The fibre in the sweet is supposed to expand by 30 times in your stomach, thereby sending signals to your brain that you are full.

It costs $14 a packet and the promotion is to buy 2 for $19.
Each packet contains 10 sweets.

I was horrified at the price! Seriously, if I have to pay to curb my cravings, it will most likely succeed. I am sure to lose my appetite when I am reminded of my empty wallet. Please ladies…this is sillier than the Cambridge Diet.

I walked away without buying but asked for a sample. After all, I can only afford to be critical if I have first hand experience on the product.

Tested on a particular day I had to go without my lunch till 4 p.m.
Didn’t make me feel full. But I did feel like puking. The sweet is pleasant tasting and as it dissolves, the dragon fruit-like seeds come off. It’s like chewing on tiny seeds. Indeed, it gives a sense of bloated emptiness but I felt quite ill--the eeky sick type of feeling. I ate something after that and felt much better.

What a stupid concept. If you really want to slim down, you might as well keep the money and drink water and feed on kiwis.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pouches We Carry

I am sure most girls will carry a pouch in their totes that stores their essential knickknacks. What’s in your pouch?

Here is what’s in mine.

I put this pouch into my bigger bags on days I am out and about for long hours.



Everything at a glance:

Now, let’s split them into groups:

1) The Essentials
i) Plasters/ Bandages (just in case I hurt myself)
ii) Flat Red Earth mirror (small, light and ultra slim)
iii) Panadol Extra (Yes, in case I forget my caffeine shots/ emergency headache)
iv) Interdental Toothpicks (these can be used to floss teeth because they have special ends)
Caution: Those wooden ones provided by eateries can cause damage to gums and don’t clean well.
v) Hand creams: 1 from The Face Shop, the other silver bottle (a recycled eye cream bottle) stores my QV lotion to treat dry/ itchy skin.
vi) Breath Spray (anti-bacterial solution that freshens breath and keeps oral cavity clean)—I prefer this to mints

Need some cutesy plasters to cheer myself up when I am hurt, right? =P

2) Personal Grooming Tools and Niffy Well Being Items

i) Eyedrops Vial (for dry tired eyes)
ii) L’occitane Magnolia Solid Perfume
iii) Atomizer (stores my fruity Escada “Island Kiss” perfume)
iv) Small Sun Play SPF 130 (for touch-ups when under hot sun)
v) Comb (in case my hair turns too messy—usually I only comb my hair twice a day)
vi) Little Ziploc Bag (contains 1 ponytail band, 2 bobby pins and 1 hairclip)

For keeping hair out of my face so I can get down to business

Love this solid perfume--dab a little on pulse points and I smell like freshly picked Magnolias. Actually, the scent of this one resembles Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Eau de Parfum.

3) Lips and Face

i) Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot
ii) Estee Lauder Pure Pops in Watermelon
iii) Raspberry Flavoured Lip Balm (with SPF 18)
iv) Muji Facial Blotters (don’t usually use this, but it’s a gift)
v) YSL Compact Foundation
For emergency “need to look good” occasions.

One of my fave lip balms (available at Topshop)--SPF for the lips is important too!

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