Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Status Report

I left for Tokyo on Monday evening, 11.45pm and touched down at 7.30pm Tuesday morning.
Arrived at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel at noon and freshened up.

Staying on Level 35

The bathroom facilities are fantastic (talk more about it later) but to my horror, there wasn't any iron in the room. Instead, I found a 'Laundry and Pressing Services' price list. I AM SO DEAD.
My clothes are crumpled beyond redemption and I needed to be in office the following day properly attired. By that I mean looking presentable. Travelling for less than 5 days on the road does not entitle me to Laundry services claims. CRAP.

A glance down the price list sent a chill down my spine. Ironing for a ladies jacket costs around 10 sgd! Goodness gracious me! I took out all my clothes and hung them in the wardrobe. Counting the potential 'Pressing Services' cost almost induced a cardiac arrest. No way I am going to pay for something so inane, much less when I am not reimbursed for it. It slipped my mind that the iron and board provided in Western regions do not apply to Asian destinations.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I will think of a solution by tomorrow.

The city view is pretty good in my room. Will post more pictures up upon my return.

PS: Cannot find my camera transfer cable and my work laptop does not have an SD card slot. Pictures will be up the following week.


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Monday, May 26, 2008

To Tokyo, to Tokyo…

I am leaving for the Land of the Rising Sun later this evening. Here’s to a safe trip. May I get to see some sights recommended by all of you. Thank you for your recommendations Mavis, Xinyi and Andrew (from Tokyo).
Yep Wilfrid, I will take photos, lots of them.
Bringing my camera's cable along so that I can post them up at night when I am in the hotel. As for now, I am dead tired. Still need to work today. Hope the approval to work from home goes through.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Praying for rain

Sunday, 3.30pm.

And finally, it rained. Not the pathetic drizzle that evaporates instantaneously into vapour the moment the raindrops touch the ground. It is the thunderstorm we have been willing to take place for the entire week. The kind that is capable of clearing the heat in the air, soothing flustered souls and giving withering plants life again.
And rained it did. Sweet, wonderful storm.

That takes one wish off the list. The other ‘rain’ I am praying for is yet to be. Please let it come soon. But instead of placing one’s hopes on the external factors, isn’t it better to be the rainmaker?

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Asian Destination

My next destination...let the pictures do the talking. May, 27May-1June 2008. Time is not on my side. An intriguing city, rich culture, city of fashion and good food.
And all I have on my mind is, so near yet so far. If only this is not a work trip. Any must dos in Tokyo to recommend? Drop me a comment!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

After the longest time, I took a well deserved break. The Saturday was all mine to spend.
Went for a massage to ‘untie’ the knots on my back and had a milk hydro bath to make the trip a lil’ more luxurious.

Took a leisurely walk in Raffles City Shopping Centre and discovered that they have implemented a new upmarket concept to the mall. I am so out of touch. Strolled aimlessly around and found that the brand ‘River Island’ has nice offerings. Did not try on anything from the shop though.
Bought a white embroidered top (I can never have enough white apparel), a purple necklace from a quaint cozy shop called 'Aliya' and decided to settle on sitting in a café to read my Forbes magazine.
Ordered 2 cakes (banana cheesecake and Royaltine) and a Mocha Tropicana at Coffee Club. The drink is a lovely bouquet of passion fruit, chocolate and coffee…unique but not something I will order next time. The food is passable, the place was not as quiet as I would have liked it to be (hey, it’s the weekend after all) and suddenly it dawned upon me that I enjoy my own company too often, too much.

“Solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature.”~Albert Einstein


Friday, May 02, 2008

What a Ride!

Was having coffee with a friend when we saw a booth with these kiddy rides outside Toys R Us.

Ivy: Look at those animals. Cute, eh? If I were still a child, I would want to sit on one.
M: Gave me a look of belief.
Ivy: Come on, don’t you have a childhood?
M: Alright. But still…
Ivy: I would allow my (future) child to go for a round if (he/she) requested.
M: I believe you. Like Mother like child.
Ivy: Hey, why not? But he would have to convince me first. Man, those rides sure don't look cheap.

After a while, we saw a fortunate kid climb onto one and start riding laboriously around in circles.

Ivy: It does look a tad ridiculous. Gosh, moving back and forth to manually move that animal. Now, this is crazy.
M: So, still want a ride?
Ivy: Rolls eyes and shakes head.

Before we left the café...

Ivy: Say, how much do you think a ride like that cost?
M: 2 bucks max.
Ivy: I think you don’t know the market rate. I dare say, it’s at least 3 bucks. Let’s go check it out.

Walked over to the booth and I asked the bored looking counter teenager:

Ivy: How much does a ride like this cost?
Guy: $3.20 for 5 minutes for the smaller animals, $4.50 for the big ones.
Ivy and M: (Faints!) >_<

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