Thursday, May 15, 2008

Asian Destination

My next destination...let the pictures do the talking. May, 27May-1June 2008. Time is not on my side. An intriguing city, rich culture, city of fashion and good food.
And all I have on my mind is, so near yet so far. If only this is not a work trip. Any must dos in Tokyo to recommend? Drop me a comment!



Anonymous Wilfrid said...

You are heading to Tokyo (actually I can't recognize the pictures for I have not been there yet)?

The last picture is taken from Tokyo too? For a moment I thought it was Eiffel Tower.

Looking forward to reading all the must dos in Tokyo from you :)

2:15 AM  
Blogger Xinyi said...

Ughhhh!! I'm soo jealous! I miss Tokyo. :(

Hmm let me see.. shopping must-gos include Harajuku (clothes are more affordable), Shinjuku etc (I'm not a big fan of Shibuya). If you go to Harajuku on a Sunday, you'll see some over-the-top cosplays. Visit the Meiji Shrine while you are there.

If you want to go to an onsen (I know, wrong season;p), there is a really good one beside the Tokyo Dome.. I can't remember the name though, but it's 3000 yen per visit, and not known by tourists. The Baseball Cafe besides the Tokyo Dome serves pretty good food.

It may be a tad childish, but I love Ikebukuro's Namja Town, especially its Ice-cream Town (ice-cream in every flavor imaginable.. I recommend the tofu flavor!) and Gyoza Stadium. And while you are in Ikebukuro.. buy some Cheese-maru (チーズ丸) at the Ikebukuro JR station.. they are decadent and to die for.

Hop over to Odaiba if you have time, to see the famous Rainbow Bridge, go on a Fuji TV station tour (if you are familiar with their programs), and shop at Palette Town. I think there's also an onsen over there with an Endo period theme.

Uneo Park and Asakusa are pretty good tourist destinations as well.

I've never actually visited Tokyo Tower up close the times I've been in Tokyo.. I just took some pictures nearby;p.

Have fun, you lucky girl! ;D

12:08 PM  
Anonymous andrew said...


as for dont: Dont use your cell phone on the train.

otherwise there are fun things to do at Odaiba. If you speak Japanese well stop by Fuji Television, you might be able to be part of an audience for a TV show.

yoyogi park on the weekends is kind of cool if you want to see various young people and their bands. I think it is called Bushking (spelling)

have fun in Tokyo

8:26 AM  

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