Friday, May 02, 2008

What a Ride!

Was having coffee with a friend when we saw a booth with these kiddy rides outside Toys R Us.

Ivy: Look at those animals. Cute, eh? If I were still a child, I would want to sit on one.
M: Gave me a look of belief.
Ivy: Come on, don’t you have a childhood?
M: Alright. But still…
Ivy: I would allow my (future) child to go for a round if (he/she) requested.
M: I believe you. Like Mother like child.
Ivy: Hey, why not? But he would have to convince me first. Man, those rides sure don't look cheap.

After a while, we saw a fortunate kid climb onto one and start riding laboriously around in circles.

Ivy: It does look a tad ridiculous. Gosh, moving back and forth to manually move that animal. Now, this is crazy.
M: So, still want a ride?
Ivy: Rolls eyes and shakes head.

Before we left the café...

Ivy: Say, how much do you think a ride like that cost?
M: 2 bucks max.
Ivy: I think you don’t know the market rate. I dare say, it’s at least 3 bucks. Let’s go check it out.

Walked over to the booth and I asked the bored looking counter teenager:

Ivy: How much does a ride like this cost?
Guy: $3.20 for 5 minutes for the smaller animals, $4.50 for the big ones.
Ivy and M: (Faints!) >_<

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