Friday, October 26, 2007

Checking Out, Mates!

There’s a lot on my mind recently to the extent that I am at a loss of what to blog on.
Firstly, my sick uncle has been called home to be with the Lord. I am glad that his sufferings have ended and feel happy for him.

Next, I am embarking on another new phase in life. Once again. For better, I hope. The need to choose the path at another crossroad in life makes me think that sometimes, the road may well lead back to the same place. I pray for a pleasant journey ahead.
“Like a game of chess, we need to lose some to move forward. The goal is the same, the strategy—different.” –I.V.Y.


Friday, October 19, 2007

No Brainer

Here's what greeted us at DSO (Defence Science Organisation) National Laboratories. A very quick thinking friend commented "Brain washing!" And I let out a loud hoot.
After we were done with the meeting, I actually had the audacity to stand at the so termed "Brainforest", gawk at the stupid looking fountain and take some photos.
What were they thinking of when they erected this mockery? Can't they anticipate that the underlying connotation is TOO obvious to ignore?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dessert Kiosk

It’s proven. Tubs of Ben & Jerry's follow me home every time I stop by the petrol kiosk.
Someone should just chain up the refrigerator to prevent them from hopping right out.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Organic Goodness

Jurlique is an Australian skincare brand that has a cult-like following in the beauty industry.
For some reason, I am inclined towards rose scented products in recent times. Does it mean that I am getting on in years as ‘Rose’ is often a scent favoured by the more mature segment of the female population?
I got myself two products from the brand recently and they cost $60 SGD for the hand cream (125 ml) and $35.10 SGD for the Rosewater Freshener Spray (100ml). Previously I have been using their Lavender Hand Cream but after 1 tube, I find the scent a little too overpowering and common (everything's Lavender scented these days...).
One thing I truly like about Jurlique's products: They are Organic in nature. I broke out in mild rashes a couple of days back and wanted to visit the doctor but after 2 applications of the cream, the rash disappeared. Organic creams are definitely good for those with sensitive skin as they do not contain chemicals that may cause the skin to act up.
The downside is that organic products turn bad quickly, so use generously or frequently. How do you know? Take a sniff test. 'Expired' organic products no longer retain their original scents and may smell rancid.

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The End of the Wick

Another relative is dying. A much beloved uncle. Mum insisted I make the dreaded visit once again. I am not a heartless gal but I had one uncle died on me the previous time (literally when I saw him) and it left much consternation that I may well face a similar situation once again.

I don’t do Death well. I hate seeing dying people because they remind me of the transience of life. Most of the time, I conveniently put this reality at the back of my mind and it comforts me to a great degree.

This visit is particularly heart-wrenching. What greeted me was a wasted heap of a man who was once so handsome he made girls swoon. He was reduced to skin and bones, had hollowed out eyes and the flesh on his back had rotted away as he had been bedridden for a long time. Deaf and unable to speak, his glassy eyes were the only windows to his emotions. But the look he gave was too haunting and it would plague me for a long time to come.

This is a man who has a beautiful house, a supportive wife and 2 lovely daughters. He had spent his life working hard at his business and giving nary much time for his family and his own leisure. What was unfortunate is that a good portion of his wealth is used to finance his medical bills in recent years and he never really had the chance to spend it more meaningfully than he would have liked.

It is painful to see him reduced to being a dependent dying man on his bed. As we went home that day, Dad said something insightful. He said “When asked about their greatest regret on their deathbeds, most would reply that they had not spent enough quality time with their families”.
Bravo Dad! Well said.
It’s true. When one has reached the end of the road, tangible things like money and fame doesn’t really matter anymore. It does put things into perspective.
“Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time... It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.” ~Leo F. Buscaglia

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

To Be Continued…

Hiatus for so long again but I am back.
I went away for a while and could not access Blogger.
Many entries awaiting publication onto blogspot but wait a while…a short family outing on Sunday. Will be right back.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Do Nut Queue

Donut Factory, Munchy Donuts and what have you. It took me such a long time to finally sink my teeth into these.
As my readers know, I don’t queue well for food. But then a chance occasion made me pass a Donut Factory branch and lo and behold, there’s an express counter that attends to dine-in orders. No more hassle of long waits in line.
Needless to say, all resistance dissolved and I bought a set of 2 donuts and 1 cappuccino.

Now I understand why people would patiently wait to buy a boxful of these. I love the spicy cheese donut and the famed double chocolate one has a white chocolate coating with milk chocolate sauce oozing out when bitten.


But this is my first and only time eating it. I will definitely get second helpings but once again, I assert my stand of not queuing too long to get my share.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life's like traffic...

Not written an entry for a week and it felt really uncomfortable. I employ writing as a panacea for life’s frustrations and when not done on a regular basis, general discomfort sets in.

Today’s thoughts:

“Life is like traffic. Maneuver with dexterity.”—I.V.Y.

Today’s traffic condition is by far one of the worst ever experienced. Oh course, you may not agree. Traffic condition for your route may be smooth flowing. That’s life. Rough things happen to people at different times which is why we should not expect others to empathize with our plight.

There was a massive jam caused by an accident. Traffic came to standstill. On a good day, I would need another 30 minutes to get to my destination from where I was. Gracious. I think this may take an hour plus now.

But I was tailgating along in the direction of a slip road. On my right, traffic flow was also heavy along the CTE to the city. It meant a taking a longer route. Should I?

Better heavy and slow than not at all, I decided.

In the end, I was still late. But I would be later should I be stuck in that horrendous jam.
Since I was idling much of the time in the car, I started thinking.

Isn’t traffic like life? Sometimes we are caught in slow moving traffic (even when we are supposedly on an expressway). But when we can see there’s a terrible jam ahead that is not clearing anytime soon, it’s better to exit early after assessing the situation.
Else I may arrive at my destination a weary old lady.


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