Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life's like traffic...

Not written an entry for a week and it felt really uncomfortable. I employ writing as a panacea for life’s frustrations and when not done on a regular basis, general discomfort sets in.

Today’s thoughts:

“Life is like traffic. Maneuver with dexterity.”—I.V.Y.

Today’s traffic condition is by far one of the worst ever experienced. Oh course, you may not agree. Traffic condition for your route may be smooth flowing. That’s life. Rough things happen to people at different times which is why we should not expect others to empathize with our plight.

There was a massive jam caused by an accident. Traffic came to standstill. On a good day, I would need another 30 minutes to get to my destination from where I was. Gracious. I think this may take an hour plus now.

But I was tailgating along in the direction of a slip road. On my right, traffic flow was also heavy along the CTE to the city. It meant a taking a longer route. Should I?

Better heavy and slow than not at all, I decided.

In the end, I was still late. But I would be later should I be stuck in that horrendous jam.
Since I was idling much of the time in the car, I started thinking.

Isn’t traffic like life? Sometimes we are caught in slow moving traffic (even when we are supposedly on an expressway). But when we can see there’s a terrible jam ahead that is not clearing anytime soon, it’s better to exit early after assessing the situation.
Else I may arrive at my destination a weary old lady.



Anonymous Wilfrid said...

Meh ... I feel for you. Traffic is horrible these days, especially CTE that I travel every day.

I hope life is not like traffic though ... stupid LTA that doesn't know how to fix it. But I see what you mean. Just that for lack of information (like how's the situation ahead of us), some of us just stay onto the highway and hope for something better.

12:07 AM  
Blogger crazychick said...

Finally!!! :) how have your week been? guess you must be really busy! :D

the traffic condition here is horrendous too now that it's the puasa month, especially from 6.30pm - 7.30pm when they're about the break fast. it usually takes about 10 minutes for me to reach home from work, but nowadays it takes me double the time or more :P

7:30 AM  

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