Friday, January 07, 2011

Stages of Domesticity

I always feel that if someone else can do it, I can do it too. This applies to every aspect in life.
So, many ladies need to whip up a meal for the household. Alright, cook did I. Nothing fanciful but decent enough.
But when it comes to cleaning, I am motivated solely to have a clean bathroom. So I zealously scrub my "throne" and make sure that the basin area is kept spiffy, dry and nice. This is tending specifically to my personal toilet because I really couldn't bring myself to labour similarly on 5 other units in the house. (Apart from the common bathroom, the rest are all unused. Phew!)

Chinese New Year is around the corner and there's this nagging feeling that if I were to neglect other nooks and crannies, I will be a very embarrassed host when people open my storeroom, kitchen cabinets and examined my window panes and the accompanying grooves closely. And there's certainly no feel good factor if at the back of your mind, there's unattended mess building up somewhere.
So, it's my fortune to have a good friend refer her part-time helper to assist my household for operation cleanup. It's been 1 hour since she has been at work in my kitchen and "Omigod! What she has done in an hour, I will take 5 to achieve!"

Is it the lack of motivation for housework or I am just a plain slow coach? I really think it's the former.
In future, I shall not be adamant. Admit that although I can do things just like others could, some things are better left to the professionals in their respective fields.
This moment of enlightenment makes me feel very liberated.

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