Thursday, May 11, 2006

Care Bears' Conversation

I have 'adopted' 2 Care Bears recently. The yellow bear is called Funshine Bear and the pink one is called Cheer bear. Funshine is a boy bear and Cheer is a girl bear.
Here is how a likely conversation between them will go:

Funshine is surprised to see Cheer looking different today
Funshine: Hiya Cheer Bear! Wow! What’s that you are wearing in your hair?
Cheer: Hello Funshine! I am wearing a hair clip. =) Is it nice?

Funshine examines Cheer closely
Funshine: Whoa! I don’t know Care Bears wear hair clips…. (scrutinizes Cheer Bear intently)
Cheer: Well, I am a girl. Oh course I can wear a pretty hair clip.
Funshine: True. Still, I think wearing a hair clip is rather uncomfortable. Doesn’t it grip your hair too hard and give you a headache?
Cheer: Hm…yep. But I am having a bad hair day. =(

Cheer removes her hair clip
Cheer: See, Funshine. BAD HAIR DAY. Sigh….
Funshine: (Looks at Cheer Bear’s unruly tuft of hair) Arh…I see.

Funshine feels Cheer's hair looks really bad
Funshine: I guess you do need to clip down your hair today.
Cheer: Indeed. Not everyone is blessed with nice curly golden hair like yours. Do you have a personal hair stylist?

Funshine: Heehee…Nope! Care Bears don’t have our hair styled professionally unless we need to go on television. There’s no need for it now since our cartoons have stopped airing. Those horrible Pokemons have put us out of business for a long time.
Funshine and Cheer Bear smile sadly at each other and reminisce about the good ol' glory days.

(Yea...The ultimate boliao-ness of Ivy Yeo...)

All In A Day's Work

My life depicted in pictures:

Alarm Clock

But 1 reader said that it is an inaccurate depiction, so, here's the truth:
Alarm Clock 2
Wake Up


But, most of the time, I eat trash:
Parting Of The Sea

All Day—

At Desk



Late Evening-

Sleeping In Class



I have just adopted a virtual pet for this blog. Her name is Snowball. You can see her when you scroll all the way down to the end of this webpage. Feed her some cat food or play wool ball with her. She will purr sweetly if you 'stroke' her by dragging your mouse pointer over her body. Do it when you're bored...for amusement's sake.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Movies to watch

Had better make a list of the movies I want to watch before end July. Talk about deprivation. Seriously, I only get to catch up with movies on Kris Air. Duhz… Still, it’s good to keep record:

Horror Movies:
1. Silent Hill (screening in theatres soon)
Just a trivia: This movie is really good as seen from the trailers and I didn’t know till today that it is actually based on the first two Silent Hill video games by Konami.
2. The Others (starring Nicole Kidman) –why didn’t I watch it last time??

1. The Da Vinci Code (does it qualify as a thriller??)

Action Heroes Movies:
1. X-Men 3 (definitely must watch)

1. Memoirs of a Geisha
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3. Crash

And the movie I am giving a miss: Tom Cruise’s M:i:III. Seriously, his antics and action moves off the silver screen are much more interesting to watch. Reel life stuff’s a bore compared to the tricks the rapidly degenerating star is capable of pulling off in tabloid news.

Pictures! Pictures for this entry:
Here are some Korean actresses I feel are really pretty/ ye bbor yor. Though I am not a fanatic about Korean dramas and culture, I do note their offerings on free-to-air television sometimes. Obviously, there are too many pretty young things, so here are my favorites.

Kim Tae Hee (actress in Love Story in Harvard and Stairway to Heaven)

Park Eun Hye (actress in Jewel in the Palace--Jang Geum's best friend)

Son Ye Jin (actress in Summer Scent)

Nice picture of the movie "Love Tree-Now & Forever"by Choi Ji Woo--coming to theatres soon. Hope it's not a bloody weepy, teary, someone-will-die movie.

Her magic's completely lost on me: (cos I find her a plain and normal girl)

Jeon Ji Hyeon (actress of My Sassy Girl)--it's a mystery why some people find her pretty????!!!!! Not me, for sure.

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