Friday, September 24, 2010

First Urban Decay Shadow Box

I covert Urban Decay's "Alice In Wonderland" box of eye shadows but I was too late. China's Sephora never meant to carry it and Ebayers simply capitalise on it being 'Limited' and made it too pricey.

When I returned back to Singapore, I needed to make up for the loss and bought a Deluxe Shadow Box at Sephora, Ion Orchard. It costs $63. Definitely on the steep end but when I swiped on the colours, I was sold!
Very pigmented, very smooth application. In fact, sorry to offend M.A.C. lovers but Urban Decay's shadows beat M.A.C's offerings hands down. No debate about it. From this day forth, I will be a religious follower of UD's shadows. I am waiting for it's "Naked Palette" to hit our shores. It's taking too long though.

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