Sunday, December 02, 2012

Have been preoccupied.......

To say I have been preoccupied (and therefore allowed this blog to lapse into inactivity) is an understatement.
Lots happened and needed my time and attention.
At 3.30am this morning, I remembered this blog. Its web address and name. Pursuit of Enlightenment on (I seem to be twirling in circles these days, not waltzing, but I will leave that for another day).
It's been a year and four months since the last post.
After all this time, I realised that the pursuit of happiness takes precedence over the pursuit of enlightenment. A happy person is an enlightened being and an enlightened person should the very least, be happy. If he is not, what is the whole point of gaining enlightenment? 
Food for thought..........


Blogger Sensei Michael said...

Reminds me of the story of that man who saw his doctor. Heh, you are familiar with that story...

Glad to see you posting something amidst Immanuel!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Sensei Michael said...

Glad to see a post at last! Must have been busy with Immanuel! Take care!

5:18 PM  

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