Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Sweet Tooth

I have acquired a sweet tooth recently. Alright, I confess. I love desserts all along. But these days, the savoury puffs I used to like, even the yummy quiches, are not going down well with me. They taste different in a bad way. The only thing consistent with my tastebuds is that sweet stuff still retain their original taste.
So, yes, I am digging them right now.

A mini shopping trip at Millenia Walk's new wing, PARCO Marina Bay, brought me into Trixilini. There, I finally got to sample Soap n Sorbet's range of skincare and perfumes.

I ended up buying Tokyomilk's "I want Candy" Parfum.

Here's its product description:
A decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with an image of a delightfully delicious pastille. Crisp apples, peaches, violets and roses crushed and distilled to perfection.

Doesn't it sound nice and fresh? I am loving my new perfume. It's a refreshing change from run of the mill mass offerings from Issey Miyake, Escada, Marc Jacobs, Chloe...
I am now on the lookout for a clean fresh scent smelling like freshly cut grass and morning dew on leaves. Lemme know if you have a recommendation.

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Blogger Jenn said...

Hey hun!! Hope you are well!! :)

Not quite a perfume, but if you're into home fragrances do check out the Green Tea home fragrance from TBS! It smells fresh with a hint of sweetness in it (just like honey green tea!)! :D

10:06 AM  
Blogger dblchin (double chin) said...

Hmm... the scent u describe is tempting! Lemme go take a look!

12:27 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To Jenn: Thanks for your recommendation! I will check TBS home fragrance out!

To dblchin: Sure! It's sold online at Soap n Sorbet. Alternatively, there's Millenia Walk Trixilini to sniff the scents before purchase.

4:46 PM  

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