Sunday, April 04, 2010

In Our Element

Today, a spot of online surfing provided me with the inspiration for this post.

An ex-educator, Yu-Mei Balasingamchow, was interviewed for her success as a freelance writer. How does “Lonely Planet” and “Singapore: A Biography” sound? (See interview here, ) Her blogsite is: TooManyThoughts.

A friend, Sean Seah, who took Korean language classes with me a couple of years back, left his high flying sales engineer job and turned to wedding photography full-time. His company, seems to be doing well and capturing many happy memories for newly weds.

These people, to name a few, are in their element.

Then, there are others who are simply doing well but haven’t arrived. A meeting with an industry counterpart had me hearing this statement, “Yea, I am stuck here” twice within half an hour. It may have been said in jest or modesty but something in his eyes tells me it’s for real.

Am I in my element yet?
No. I am still an entrepreneur in training.
The current role of managing a modest set-up in China makes me extremely restless. It’s supposed to be an opportunity to learn the ropes before flying solo but the industry seems to be vastly different from what I really want to venture into.

It’s actually very ridiculous to want to abandon ship just less than 5 months into the new role. Doesn't look good on my resume but when you're working for yourself, to heck with resumes!
I feel an internal clock going ‘Tick Tock, Tick Tock’ and honestly, sink or swim, why can’t I learn as I go while pursuing my dream business full time?

My bosses (3 of them) wouldn’t be happy to read this. Then again, there is only a 1% chance of them getting their eyeballs on this article. That 1% is through divine intervention and I doubt God conspires against me.
I am jumping ship this year. Adiós Misters. bosses!



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Go, Ivy, go!

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