Friday, November 27, 2009

Sighting 2: Looking for love

Thanksgiving, then Black Friday. Oh! The only depressing thing about these is that I am unable to partake in the merry making and the USA sales. I always feel left out of the crazy sales in US on this day.
The only thing worth looking forward to is the television drama serial "The Little Nyonya" which Suzhou TV station will air tonight at 10pm. Cool, that's another "Singaporeany" offering to quell the home sickness.
I took a picture of this advertisement to make friends (by letting everyone know his QQ--MSN equivalent account number). What a lonely driver he must be. But look at the amount of dust on his van's rear which makes it a blackboard for his scribblings. YUCKS.
And so it is--the polluted place I now live in. (My lungs are collecting dust as the days go by). Think wonderful thoughts, think wonderful thoughts...

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Blogger Jenn said...

Hey!! I feel left out from the Black Friday sales too! :(

The Little Nyonya series is airing here in Malaysia too! :D I kinda like it although i don't have time to watch every episode!

Poor girl!! I totally feel for you!! India's a pretty dusty place too!! Do up your water intake and if you can, try boiling those cool tea to soothe the dryness in your throat! :D

3:49 PM  

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