Monday, February 08, 2010

Rusty Poet at Work

I am a regular reader of as the blogger is a lovely well travelled fashionista whose entries I relish to vicariously experience the exciting slice of life she leads.

Won a dress in a giveaway she held recently with compliments from the ClubCouture (the online store) she endorses.

Photo Credits from ClubCouture

Here is my winning entry:

I was led to through Les Dames
A fashionista clad in beautiful ensembles from silk, chiffon, cotton and lame
Caught my eye and my breath she took
Went to her blog and I was hooked
What Renzee is wearing today?
Chloe, Bebe or Hermes whatever be it may
She looked stunning anyway

Fashion, food, travel, adventure and life
Her posts are interesting and variety is rife
Despite her claims of being an amateur
Her Canon entries reveal depth worthy of an author
How else can a picture a thousand words tell?
Love, action and energy they spell
Emotions evoked they capture so well

Endless are what I like and some reasons I may miss
What matters most is the lady she is
Ashley has beauty, brains and substance
She leads a life full of passion and abundance
Infectious is this zest of hers
Inspires she does readers like us
An avid visitor of this blog I am thus.

I must confess I love all things pretty and nice
Online shopping is not my sole vice
Shuttling between Singapore and Suzhou is a bore
Managing a company is my chore
Reading is my reprieve for brain clogs
Induced by stress from toil and slog
Panaceas are they: books, magazines and blogs.

Looks like the rusty poet in me is still alive and kicking. \(^-^)/



Blogger Sensei Michael said...

Amazing indeed I can see,
How poetry is alive in Ivy.

Not just a pretty face,
Or a lovely specimen of the Chinese race.

Plenty of "moshui" she has,
A marvel this lass!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Congrats on winning hun!! You always have a way with words so i'm not surprised!! ;)

i love reading Karen's blog too... so envious of her pretty clothes and adventures! :D

4:44 PM  

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