Friday, April 30, 2010

My 1st Puppy Love

I am a cat person. I love how these creatures exude their feline grace ever so effortlessly. Dogs on the other hand are just too wanting for my liking. Definitely not Ivy's best friend. Besides, I never pet a dog in my life. All the horror stories of getting mauled and disfigured by some rabid dog must caused my trepidation towards them.

I am therefore delightfully surprised that this huge creature is such a sweetheart. On crabby Saturday morning, when I entered the office for a general meeting, I was greeted by this approaching white monster. My first reaction was to turn back and run but pride got the better of me. There were about 5 subordinates milling around and I couldn't possibly be such a wuss.

There I stood, rooted to the ground with fear as the abominable white dog came over and snuggled at my legs. bark, no show of teeth, no tongue licking. Phew!

His name is Ah Wang and his fur is white as snow. Testing the waters, I stroked him lightly. He didn't turn his head. No bark, no teeth, no tongue licking.
All clear.
I bent down to examine his fur. How very lovely.
He grows on you and when we started the meeting, the creature was locked in the M.D.'s office for 4 hours. He stayed in there quietly without kicking up a fuss and when we returned, the office looked as pristine as we left it. No paper was out of place. Is this a good dog or what?I was thinking of hitching a ride from this sledge puller but oh well, this is as good as it gets. (By the way, I didn't sit on him, in case you think of dialling the SPCA)
I can't wait to see this fella again. He's a dream come true. Doesn't bark, doesn't show you his teeth, doesn't slobber all over you with yucky dog saliva, holds his bladder and rectum well till he's outside. And the fur. Take him for a shave in summer and the fur can be used on coats for winter. ;-)

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Blogger Sensei Michael said...

Three cheers for 杨总!Most gentle dogs belie great strength and patience beneath them. Remember, 不吠的狗,咬人可怕。They are the best kind of dogs to have guarding your life.

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