Thursday, February 07, 2013

Super Neglected Blog =,(

I love writing but it seems near impossible to keep churning out entries for this blog. (Tears hair in frustration!)

I have actually migrated to Wordpress, beginning of this year but that too, has been left alone for the time being. 

Having a house is no joke. I miss living with my parents, returning to nice home cooked meals, and thereafter, either chilling out or continuing with my office work in the evenings (yes, I did bring work home). 

I know it is getting increasingly difficult to own one's own abode these days in Singapore so I should not complain about what seems like a privilege. Yet, having to deal with housework is no mean feat especially when the place is big and the girl in question needs to take charge from zero to hero(ine). So yea, whatever "free time" there is, my preoccupation is to fix some crappy aspect in the house. And I am already cutting myself lots of slack to prolong my life. 

It is in good faith and hope that I shall return to writing in cyberspace more frequently this year. Afterall, it has always been my passion. 


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