Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in Retrospect

Year of 2006

It’s coming to a close in an hour's time—Singapore time.

Yes indeed.

Before I herald in 2007 with renewed hope and vigour, perhaps it’s good to think about the Year of 06 in retrospect.

It’s been a year of weddings. Some of my peers have settled down happily. Happily because I know they are sure to experience marital bliss with their respective partners. It’s easy to tell whether one has made the right choice just from the smile on their faces. The unhappiest wedding I have witnessed so far was that of my older cousin, Mandy. She was practically sulking at her wedding dinner, wearing a frumpy outfit. But it was also the most delicious wedding dinner I have tasted. A Cantonese restaurant called Lei Garden in Chijmes. Come to think of it, she got married end 2005 instead of 06.

It’s also the year in which I began blogging with more conviction. Truth be told, my blog has a low readership. It’s funny that I still continue churning out entries after entries. I guess this is what they call writing for passion. When something is driven by passion—in the absence of vanity, egoism, and concern for profit margins, it becomes sustainable.
I don’t find my writing especially enlightening, but it gives me great self satisfaction that is unsupported by statistics.

I haven’t gotten down to penning my first book, but this appears to be a good start. A consummate author has to be in her element before she can produce good stuff. I am just sharpening the sword, so to speak, in the year of 06.

06 hasn’t been a good financial year for me. I know the market is bullish, but it doesn’t affect my bank account in any manner. In fact, it’s been a year of budget deficit for me. I believe that things are looking up for 07. That belief is backed by sheer drive and determination coupled with projections from our good ol' economists.

06 has also been a year of my quarter life crisis. Since I stated previously that I am a late bloomer, my identity crisis started only early this year. A time when I have to experiment with conflicting styles (remember the coloured contacts fiasco? Yea…). A time of struggle with my seemingly disparate perspectives. I am glad that as the year comes to a end, I feel greatly assured of being the Ivy I truly am.

A good year? Hm…I would rather say, “It’s as good as it gets”.

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