Sunday, December 31, 2006

Elva Hsiao - Confession

I like Elva Hsiao.This is her latest Music Video, but why is the song so digitized? I mean, her vocals are not weak like Jolin's, so there's no excuse for trying to mask the inadequacies with electronic beats and sound effects.

A really disturbing observation: She is starting to look like any typical starlet--a product of the typical cookie cutter mold (emphasis of false lashes, eyeliner, Barbie doll look, cutesy poses, curls). They all look alike now-Jolin, Elva, Cyndi, Fiona Xie, our blogosphere Dawn Y. Duhz...Someone's gonna eat shit and be outta of business soon, one of them anyway.

On the other hand, Asians are suckers for this. They might live long and prosper in entertainment after all. Attack of the clones, I say.

Thanks to Vivien, for letting me see this video first.


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