Saturday, December 30, 2006

Making a Big Splash!

Apart from whimsical threads, Marc Jacobs dabbles in a bit of perfume making and voila!
His latest offering to date (apart from Blush Intense) is his line of 3 eau de toilette collectively named Splash!

They include:
1. Cotton
2. Rain
3. Grass

And this series is inspired by good ol’ Mother Nature herself.

I finally got the opportunity to sample them at Tangs Departmental store. I was rather skeptical before the trial. I mean, how can you capture the grassy smell in the air when it’s going to rain? I love that smell, but I seriously doubt you can bottle that scent.

My verdict:
I love Rain and Grass!!!
Rain reminds me of the comforting smell of a cool rainy morning. It’s a clean, quiet and calming scent. It conjures up the image of snuggling under the covers on a cold dark day and listening to the pitter pattering of raindrops falling on my window pane.

Grass smells crisp and green. Refreshing, light and instead of giving off a pre-rain scent, it captures the natural fragrance of freshly cut grass. I dig it totally!

Cotton, on the other hand, is nothing unique. I feel that it’s a rip off from Donna Karen’s Cashmere Mist. So there.

Anyway, this edition is LIMITED. It is a ‘while stocks last’ concept because obviously, the genius designer will want to collaborate with other noses to come up with another line next year. It is selling well enough to leave Luxasia (the distributor) with only a few bottles of Grass left.

This time, instead of deliberating over whether to part with my moolah or not, I took the plunge and got both Rain and Grass. Yes, that’s because I really feel these 2 scents are worth the money.

Name: Marc Jacobs Splash collection
Size: 300 ml (huge bottle)/ 10 oz
Price: $110 SGD each
Place to Buy: Tangs Departmental Store (Vivocity and Orchard)

Company’s Description:

Rain, concocted by IFF's Laurent LeGuernec...opens with top notes of wet cut grass, wild strawberry, clementine zest and dewy cypress. Its heart is of tropical passion flower, sunshine flower and white orchid, and its drydown is of beech amber, tree moss, teak wood and musk.

Grass, with a juice by Annie Buzantian...[has] top notes are of freshly snapped snow peas and lush green accords; its heart is of wildflowers and white muguet, and its drydown is of soft woods and dewy musks.

Cotton, by Carlos Vinals....[has] fresh linen breezes and liquid oxygen mixed with white peach, citrus mandarin, orange and bergamot; its heart comprises the proprietary Marc T Signature Accord, cotton flower, lavandin and lily of the valley, and its drydown is of cotton musk, smooth white suede, rich sandalwood and blond woods.

Daily Trivia:
Smell before rain:
From Petrichor, otherwise known as 2-decanone.
A chemical that is released by trees into the atmosphere each year. Scientists believe some of these chemicals may be absorbed into rocks, and then released whenever there is a sudden jump in humidity (such as occurs just before rain).

Smell after rain:
The smell after rain is actually the smell of bacteria – actinomycetes – which grow in long, skinny filaments like spaghetti. They grow world-wide in damp soil. When the soil dries out, they die. But before they die, they make little eggs called “spores”.
These spores are really tough and can survive dry conditions for years. When the raindrops hit the ground, they make a mist of water and dirt, and humans breathe in the spores (and smell them).

Ok, some bacteria smell nice. \(>_<)/

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Anonymous min said...

found ur ysl bracelet!! yay!!

10:43 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

My dearest Min,
For all the trouble, I am really grateful.
And it's damn paiseh to say, I am already in possession of one. Through a personal sale from the YSL counter staff. Yes, they get some special freebies from the company. Lucky people.

Wrote you an email. Will call ya later.

Once again, I apologise. But you are the sweetest gal. My bad...

2:24 PM  

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