Sunday, December 24, 2006

If Wishes Were Horses…

Christmases, Birthdays, Valentine’s Days, Anniversaries.

These occasions are worth looking forward to, but sometimes, they are rather painful events if we are stuck in a rut for gift ideas.

The Straits Times recently featured an article in which the participants surveyed picked chocolates and sweets as their most hated gift items. It seems that many would buy confectionery for others, but prefer not to receive them in return. Whatever happened to the advice of doing unto others what you want others do unto you?

Honestly, are chocolates really that bad? Well, I guess you will have to know if the recipient of your generosity has a sweet tooth or is unfortunately, suffering from a diabetic condition.
Other than that, I don’t think anyone will reject GODIVA. I won’t. Bring them on. ;-)

Back to the topic of gifts and such.

A couple of weeks back, Aileen celebrated her 22nd birthday. Her significant other bought her a couple of nice presents, but I thought that huge white quilted bag was very ugly (was because it no longer exists as part of her property, she went to do an exchange for a black tote).

Alright, besides the fact that it looked dated, the problem with this particular present is that it comes in white. Aileen will not be able to use it after 3 months. It will get so dirty that it has to be sent to the laundromat frequently or risk getting chucked in a corner of her bedroom floor.
Seriously, doesn’t that guy know that my dear sister is a dust magnet?

I then asked her if she has a wish list. I notice that many bloggers put up a wish list on their site. And I am all for it. In fact, I love looking through these lists. Even if I cannot afford to buy whatever is on that list for them, I would have a good idea of the type of substitutes that would delight them just as much.

Aileen begs to defer. She feels that a wish list takes allows the giver to not put in effort to select an appropriate gift for her. Moreover, it takes away the element of surprise when she unwraps the gift.

Oh well, I am certain that she will get more shocks than pleasant surprises down the road.

PS: Quilted bags are very much in fashion. In fact, thanks to Chanel, they were never out. But sometimes, depending on the design, it can go awfully wrong. (Just like the one Aileen received).
I recently bought a rather affordable one myself. I was so drawn to the bag that I even bought the display piece. For whatever reason I don’t know. It simply had the X-factor.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that it resembles a Marc Jacobs Stam bag (thanks Min for putting up that picture!)

Marc Jacobs Stam Bag

My Black Quilted Bag

Ah, even though I do not know that it’s long been around from his Resort 2006 collection, I am glad I still have an eye for tasteful looking pieces.
What a steal! Got mine for $27 SGD.



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