Thursday, December 21, 2006

Verdict’s Out

Documenting My Experience in Ministry of Sound
* Throngs of wannabes (namely prepubescent teenagers) queuing to gain entry into the club.
* A wailing girl in a sobbing mess kneeling in at the toilet entrance. A truly undignified scene.
* Misty atmosphere (the club has a mist/smoke generator that releases fumes into the dance areas at stipulated timings)
* Gyrating bodies in cramp spaces. Jiggling to the beat on the spot.
* People who groove to the beat with a cigarette in one hand. Dance, puff, dance.
* Dancers who are on a high, in a world of their own with appreciative bystanders leering from the sidelines.
* Dirty toilets. Wet, slippery, with blackish muddied up water on the floor. Girls with heavy makeup touching up.
* A girl with half her butt exposed. Rather appalling. I gawked on only to find that her only redeeming feature is the unspectacular posterior she’s flaunting.

So, this is the way to groove. Rub-a-dub-dub...

* Main Arena: MJ’s video was playing over the big screen to the music of “Thriller”.

* Smoove Room: Caged dance floor. Little room to showcase your cool dance moves. Just rub your bodies against the next dancer. Eeww…

* 54: Retro themed room showcasing a mix of psychedelic colours and hypnotic patterns with lighted disco panels for the dance floor and a ceiling full of shimmering disco balls.

* Best place to chill in for the commoners: Pure

Most relaxing and noisy room to be in. Plays a tasteful selection of soulful, disco house. The tranquil, white setting and plush interior is certain to bring delight to the many who desire a personal space. A perfect setting with bed-like sofas for that extra indulgent experience. I prefer to stay in this room most.

** Best place to chill in: Taittingger Sky Lounge

A luxurious enclave strictly reserved for the society’s crème de la crème, the sky lounge offers privileged guests a private bird’s eye view of the main dance arena below and peers into the disco room, 54, through special one-way mirrors.
With superior champagne flowing from the bar, this private space guarantees guests the red carpet treatment, far above the sea of partygoers below.
No, I am not a VVIP yet. Didn’t get a glimpse of this.

* Club boosts of a multi-million sound system, but to my undiscerning ear, it’s just loud music blasting through powerful woofers.
* Loud music. No proper conversation takes place here.
* Some do try to shout over all the noise.
* No, you don’t pick gals up by chatting them up here. Here, you have to dance with the chicks and hope they won’t move away from you in disgust.

My ear drums...whirling to the beat

* Unimpressive vodka lime. (Still, I can’t drink more than 1)
* Candy floss. There were 2 guys who took turns to twirl pink cotton candy for the party goers. Ok, so I enjoyed this tremendously.

* Cigarette smoke. Sensitivity to smell is reduced considerably after 10 minutes in this place.

We ain't complaining about the Haze.

* Giddy. From manoeuvring my way past the crowd.
* My head throbbed dully from the blasting music.
* Slightly disoriented in the dark.

Real beauties of the night:

Yes, the Lamborghinis are out in full force tonight. I shan’t deny I love these lean mean machines. My aspiration is to own one in hot pink. Now, who says girls should be in the passenger seat?
No way are you going to spot the love of your life in such dark places. The perfect combination of flashing lights, hazy environment and some shots of vodka might well do the trick though.

Ok. So, I don’t like this. Nevertheless, it’s worth to experience the clubbing culture in the society I live in. It’s only good to know that a vibrant nightlife contributes to a healthy economy too.
I won’t pay to club though. Wrinkle-inducing activity that serves no purpose. Unless it’s for networking, that, I will gladly do.
By the way, I left way too early. Stayed there for a grand total of 2 hours max.

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Blogger The Mad One said...

Lamborghs!!! didn't know there were so many in SG! all my 22 years in penang i have only saw 1 :P

btw, your friend looks really familliar!!! looks like someone from LD (the forum). hmmm.. wonder if its her? :D

i dislike clubbing too... my hair always smell like a tobacco factory after that... and considering how tired i am after dancing for 5 hours, washing my waist long hair is such a pain! >.<

btw, i totally dig your peacock feather earrings! ;)

2:00 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Yep, had to wash my hair to clear the stale tobacco stench too.

And that's Aileen, my dear lil sister. =)

2:38 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

And yea, the Lamborghinis. Saw around 8 of these babies waiting to be valet parked outside the club. Cos the garage is filled with Ferraris and Porshes already.

Sigh. The great social divide. ;-O

2:46 PM  
Blogger Xinyi said...

I've never seen a Lamborghini in Sing either;p.
btw ivy, what was the background song that you used a few days ago (the song before Dancing Queen)? I really liked it!

9:16 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Hello Xinyi,
The instrumental piece before Dancing Queen is from the OST of the Korean Drama "Goong-My Sassy Princess" (宫--我的野蛮王妃). Did you watch it?

If I am mistaken, then, it shold be Corrinne May's "Everything in its time". I love her "Safe in A Crazy World" album.

3:35 PM  

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