Friday, December 29, 2006

Craziest Thing I Have Done this Year:

Lie in wait for the newspaper delivery man. And tell him that he did not deliver one Saturday’s papers to my house.

Serious? Yes.
Crazily neurotic?
Typically Ivy?
Very much indeed.

Stood behind the metal gate since 6.45 a.m. in anticipation of the newspaper man. I never met that fella before (I mean, how many of you have?)
There I was, hovering around the front door, with some magazine to occupy myself. I must, I must, preserve. After all, the Saturday edition is the bulkiest of all days, and they had to forget to give me A COPY!
Blardy hell. I had to buy a replacement copy from the news vendor and lug it all the way home, together with my shopping bags. I mean, it’s a felony by my standards. Torturing womenfolk in this manner.

To be doubly sure, I stuck a BIG notice on the gate, informing the delivery man about the negligent act.

But then, I got really bored of standing around (no, I cannot wait idly for something). So, I went back into the house to sit down. After 10 minutes, my sharp ears picked up muffled footsteps and I hurried to the door. There it was, today’s paper, and the back silhouette of the delivery man.

“Hey! Hello! Hi Mister!” I shouted (not hollered alright? It’s early morning). He walked back. I tried telling the Indian man in simple English about the problem.
I couldn’t decipher whether he understood what I was talking about.
He stood there, with saucer huge eyes, staring in trepidation at a smallish girl in teddy bear pajamas going on and on about the missing Saturday’s papers.
In exasperation, I told him that I want 2 papers tomorrow, any replacement. 1 Chinese Zaobao and 1 English Straits Times. Or any other alternative. “Ok? Ok?” I probed.

He gaped on, rather stunned. He managed to nod his head and muttered “I tell my boss.”

ARGH!!! I repeated my request slowly, twice.
Then, off he went. Sigh. I wonder if he will remember.
I hope he will.
After all, he doesn’t get to see little people in sleepwear gesticulating animatedly before his eyes very often, does he?

P/S: Anyway, the content of this entry is post-dated. This event has long past but it sure is the most boliao thing I have done this year.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

did u get a replacement in the end?

1:10 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Unfortunately, no. Got to SPH Circulation Department for that matter.
Sigh...communication problems.

2:18 PM  

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