Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post from Greater China

The weather over here is rather fine. It's not the freezing iciness that I have anticipated. In fact, the sun's pretty glaring and so that takes much of the chill away. I am not even wearing my thermal top. Perhaps that's mainly because I am not exposed much to the weather elements. It's a routine here. Apartment--> Workplace--> Brunch/ Dinner Restaurant. Ok, maybe some visits to the consultancy firms that are doing the intended project. Need to get their quotations pretty soon to decide on which one to get the job done. Didn't bring my laptop over though. So no photo entries until I find some way to get the SD card to work. Many documents are on my lappie. Oh well.

Life here is great, when you are loaded. Money greases everything in the world, but over here, without that extra element of paper dough, things move so slowly/ or are done with such great reluctance that you will die from waiting.

Just that day, the toilet bowl got clogged again. Bloody hell. The flushing system sucks. In China, there are waste paper baskets placed beside the toilet bowls for users to dump their used toilet paper into them. Nobody throws tissue into the bowl anyway.

But, I am a crazy cleanliness freak from Singapore—land of good sewage treatment. I stubbornly refuse to throw anything into the bin. So unhygienic! Can you imagine the amount of bacteria breeding and thriving in the toilets? YUCKS! I can't to do that. Not unless I am forced at gunpoint.

And so, I tried to flush the toilet paper down. I crossed my (cleanly washed) fingers and stared at the whirling bowl in anticipation. Alas! My prayers were not answered. The terribly uncooperative bowl is now a wasteland of floating whatnots.
To prevent grossing my readers out too much, I shall cut the long story short. I had to call someone to unclog the toilet. I rang for assistance. And it took forever till I wanted to pee again. When the attendant arrived with the plunger, his face was so 'black' I think he's cursing me silently inside. Anyway, after he cleared the clog, I told him to 'buy' himself a drink. I think you know what I did, right? I tipped him. Handsomely, in fact. His muddy mien disappeared immediately and I swore I saw a beautiful glow on his face. He told me to call him anytime I run into any toilet trouble again. I am sure he will make a dash for the apartment when that occasion arises.

But, Ivy is not dumb. We need to adapt, right? Can't commit the same mistake time and again. I was just testing the water (pun unintended) the first time around. Let's just say, necessity is the mother of invention. And I have come up with a good arrangement to solve my toilet woes. ;-)

As for the new 'connection' I have made with the serviceman, I'll KIV his allegiance. Perhaps he will be needed some day when my television set short circuits.

P/S Is it the Chinese operating system over here, or do I see my blog not displaying well on the computer screen? =(

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Blogger Xinyi said...

Which part of China are you in?
Eeks, I can't imagine not throwing the used toilet paper into the's amazing how we never notice little things like that until they're not available to us.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:22 AM  
Blogger The Mad One said...

your layout looks fine from my end, dear Ivy!

yeah... i find their habit of throwing their soiled toilet paper into the bin very disturbing (and not to mention, very disgusting too!). all the time i was there, i disposed my toilet paper into the bowl :P thank God no stuffed toilets for me! LOL! most of their public toilets are screwed anyway (cannot flush / broken door / etc).

sad to say, most of the people i've encountered there view money like their life depended on it (which is true in a way lah... but they're letting it rule the way they live). they gave me the feeling that they're all out to cheat my money :( its kinda sad in a way.

glad to hear that the weather's bearable! ;) when will you be back? looking forward to your photos! ;)

oh btw, i thought China banned blogger? hmmmmmmmmmmmm... looks like i'm really outdated! LOL!

9:35 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To Xinyi: I am in the Suzhou Industrial Park region. They have this area/ region in Suzhou dedicated to foreign owned companies. Yep, I really appreciate Singapore, our lovely clean garden city. Even the air is good in SG.

To Anonymous: Yucks to all the gross stuff in China.

To PJ chick: Haha, I think I gave you a new name! =P Obviously, the mad one doesn't suit you in my eyes. Can't bring myself to call you that.
Alright, this aside, they banned blogger in China. Bloody stupid move, since people use other blogging platforms then like Wordpress. Fortunately, they kinda quietly lifted it. And haha, I discovered it to be functional. (*smug smirk*) The computer's Chinese OS is interfering with my page views though, so it's not that effective after all.

7:02 PM  

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