Friday, January 05, 2007

I Love Bunnies!

Went to Pet Safari @ Vivocity to check out some pets. Honestly, many of my friends love to keep dogs as pets. I, on the other hand, prefer cats because they are low maintenance and elegant creatures. If you have seen them stretching their bodies, you will understand that cats make great yoga masters. It’s such a pleasure to watch!

Found that some puppies are just as adorable too. I prefer the quiet ones. There are some hyperactive dogs that dashed around in circles in their small cages. Goodness Gracious.

A Schnauzer pup (very quiet and sullen-I like!)

But if I have a house of my own (my mum forbids us to keep animals as pets), I would fence up a portion of the garden and have bunnies! I love bunnies! They are the sweetest, quietest creatures. Furry little balls. Jumpy cute sweeties.

Rabbits going for $180 SGD each. Sigh. So expensive! A droopy eared German lop rabbit.

I absolutely love this Angora rabbit. Shall I sneak you into my room?

Till that day materialize, I will have to content myself with having bunny toys and yes, hairclips. Am I an overgrown child, or what?

Rabbit Related Stash

Soaked Bunnies

My other two candy pink Charlotte and blue Junior Brownsword are still in the laundry hanging out to dry!!!

Happy & Clean Bunnies!

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