Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Only Time

I was rudely awoken by a sudden thought last night. It’s amazing at I was so shaken by an issue that I could open my eyes abruptly in the middle of a fitful sleep.

“The average person lives for 80 years. You will die eventually. In fact, every day is 24 hours closer to the grave.”

I looked at my clock on my left and found that it’s 4.30a.m.in the morning.

“Darn! I’ve slept for 5 hours! What the hell am I doing, sleeping my life away?” I rebuked myself harshly.

I was taken aback by my violent reaction. I was after all, still tired. I paced around for a while before deciding it’s best to react in a rational manner, return to bed and get my much needed rest.

Must be rather stressed out these days…

In the late morning, I read a blog entry by Miss Book wormy (this incredible girl devours books like there’s no tomorrow). She recommended this site that sends subscribers book chapters in the form of emails to read.

Daily Lit (click on it to go to the site)

Fabulous! Now, we can receive bite size portions of books in our electronic mailboxes! I visited the site to take a look, and after checking that there is no copyright infringement, I signed up for this service.

I browsed through the available titles and decided on a light read to start things off. I was initially tempted to read Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky but the rude awakening the night before influenced me on a very conscious level and I signed up for Arnold Bennett’s “How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day” instead.

Honestly, this book was written in 1908 and I am rather skeptical about the applicability of the author’s advice in this modern era. Still, it only comes in 14 parts. I may well get to the end of it by this week. Will do a book review on it once I am done!

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