Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fat Spiders and Delicious Burgers

Watched Spiderman 3 finally! Phew! I was almost afraid I was too late to catch it in the theatres. Overall I like it. It’s great. Effects and plot’s fine. But as usual, I could sit through the movie without fidgeting and it was a sign that it’s a movie that does not require much processing power.
Tobey Maguire’s a fat spidey!
That man’s gone to seed seriously and I just can’t imagine why he didn’t make any effort to go the gym since he’s getting good money and tremendous media coverage for this series. I thought actors have to suffer for their craft and make it seem like they deserve all the millions they rake in from each big budget assignment?
Somehow his big protruding eyes remind me of:
Ok, I am a little meanie. No offense. It’s just the first association my brain made.

I always found Kristen Dunst a little “blah” in the looks department but there’s nothing to complain about her acting skills. =)
I am just a little disturbed about the last scene where Peter Parker entered the pub she was singing at and when he reached out for her hand, I didn’t go “Aw…how romantic”.
Instead I went, “Eeeewwww, someone throw Kristen a razor, please?” We would have thought that for a multi-million dollar film, they would have the capacity to send the lead actress to a waxing parlor? ARGH!
Don’t tsk me. The industry creates and presents flawless characters who are larger than life. Details DO matter.

The supporting roles are eye candy which makes up for the lack thereof in the leading roles.
Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy
And James Franco as Harry Osborn
Ok, enough but Spiderman. I love MOS burger’s rice burgers! Ate an Ebi Rice Burger and I almost thought they caught the prawns straight from the freshwater pond and made them into patties before serving it to me. So yummy and relatively healthier than Mac’s Chicken Fan-tastic Burger.
At MOS Burger, testing out my latest camera phone (cheap deal). For a 2 megapixels phone, I am not complaining. I pay for what I get after all. =P

Clockwise from top left: Cute, cuter, funny face E.T. candidate, Ok, normal n sane shot! =)

Sister Shot (Aileen hates my distracting fringe and I have to hold it in place for this photo)

KungFu Fighting Michelle Yeoh (nah, Ivy Yeo is it). Hey, I can throw a few good punches if I intend to hurt. Don't ANGER me! ;-)

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