Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ice-cream and Donuts

I wanted to eat ice-cream for lunch today. When I saw Ben & Jerry's "CLOSED", I was rather surprised. Hm, what happened???
Then I saw a horrendously long queue of humans snaking from an area outside Carrefour's checkout counters all the way to some faraway escalator.
Oh! Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day! WOW! But, I don't like queuing. I like a free ice-cream but NO WAY I am going to stand in line for that long. So, I walked away thinking of packing a box of donuts.
That's when I ended up at "The Marketplace" in Basement 1 of Raffles City, looking for the donut store infamous for drawing in the crowds.
To my delight, there's a Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream giveaway there too!!! The queue looks manageable and I decided to go for a cone. Took only 3 minutes max for me to get to the counter and choose the flavour I wanted.
I chose Chocolate Fudge Brownie. It's such a rich concoction and the chewy brownie bits are generous in size.
And you know what? The DONUT queue is longer than Ben and Jerry's freebie queue. And it has school children sitting on the floor while waiting for their turn to make purchase.
What a CRAZY world.
Since I don't like queuing for too long, I decided to give the donuts a miss. Well, another day then. I really really DISLIKE hanging around to buy stuff, no matter HOW GOOD they are. Nothing's worth waiting that long for. Unless of course, you're waiting for me. ;-)

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Blogger Xinyi said...

I went for the last B&J free cone day near where I live.. the crowd was very manageable and I waited for about 5 minutes. I LOVE B&J.. it's my fav ice-cream brand, and my fav flavor has to be Half-Baked (half chocolate fudge brownie and half chocolate chip cookie dough.. mmm).

Which donut shop is opening in Sing? Krispy Kremes?

2:45 AM  
Blogger crazychick said...

ohhhh!!! i love chocolate ice creams!!! you so bad lah... you make me crave for one right now! :D

yah.. i dislike queueing up for stuff too (even if its free). well unless they're giving out full sized lancome spot correctors, i'll most likely give it a miss. and of course, i'll wait for you!! hahaha! :D

9:22 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To Jenn: Oh, I will queue if they're giving out spot correctors too. =)

To Xinyi: Oooo. I haven't tried Half Baked yet. Singapore's collection is not comprehensive. =(
Nope, it's not Krispy Kreme. I checked. To bring in the Krispy Kreme franchise, the person needs a lot a lot of funds. This donut is just some yummy looking store. Singapore has a dearth to fill and they captured that very well--thus drawing the crowds like ants to glazed donuts. Haha.
But they have strawberry jam filled donuts, spicy cheese....varieties too.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Lani said...

Singaporeans like to queue up so much, i wonder why. i have passed by the donut place at Raffles City many times, even at odd hours like 3 to 4pm... the q is still long!

9:28 PM  

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