Friday, April 06, 2007

What to Do After Retiring from F1 Racing:

1. Swim with the dolphins (off Tenerife)
2. Live in a Swiss castle
3. Play for an amateur football club (FC Echichens)
(Checklist of Schumi)

At 38, there is still much drive and vigour in Schumacher and he’s definitely not going to let it all go to waste.
Michael Schumacher returns to the football field to play for his local Swiss club FC Echichens, which is struggling at the bottom of the third division, in an attempt to boost the fortunes of the beleaguered soccer squad.
In a recently concluded game, the German turned out at a quiet venue in Switzerland - where entrance was free - to play against FC Chene Aubonne before a spattering of spectators. He wore the number 8 and played on the right wing, and was fouled by an opponent when he was unintentionally struck on the side of his face.

Oh well. Hm…once a sportsman, always a sportsman?

On a side note:
I am extremely disturbed to see our Mentor Minister taking great pains to point out the need to put our ministers’ pay in perspective. Just 0.022% of Singapore’s economic output, jeopardizing an economy of $210 billion if we scrimp on ministers’ and top civil servants’ pay. Yadah Yadah Yadah.

Honestly, nobody whines when they see an aesthetics doctor splurging in an air flown Prada gown preened in ball finery for yet another social gathering. Nobody cares that Wayne Rooney splashed a cool $500,000 SGD (half a million my dears) on a stupid bash complete with animals galore for his fiancé’ 21st birthday party. Nobody disapproves of Stefanie Sun’s astronomical fortune because her albums are going for a song.

What’s the difference?
Ministerial pay= Tax payers’ money = from your pocket.
Stefanie Sun’s riches= from your pocket!!!
Wayne Rooney’s millions= from your pocket (clearly you just haven’t made that connection YET because it’s not obvious).

Something that’s so direct needs a little more coaxing. And what you don’t know wouldn’t hurt you. That’s the difference.

But no one in office can blurt all these out so brusquely cos it’s simply politically incorrect.

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Blogger crazychick said...

swimming with dolphins is something i wanna do at least once in my life! :D

yah.. methinks that its a little funny to HAVE to explain why you're earning your salary :P

6:59 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Yea, precisely.

Honestly, if I was working my butts off, with no social life to speak of (other than all those seriously sian meetings with heads of state, APEC members, ASEAN delegates blah blah blah...), can't walk into LV and splurge my hard earned cash without looking indiscreet, need to keep a blameless character record and still need to make it clear why I deserve what I pocket? I think it's like the shittest thing on Earth.

I am into the private sector man. Duhz...

11:07 PM  

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