Sunday, April 08, 2007

To Dance in the Rain

I was making my way home in the rain today. As usual, I walked cautiously, keeping my eyes intently on the ground avoiding the water puddles. Much to my chagrin, I saw 3 young boys from a distance heading in my direction. They were chasing one another and kicking up the water from the big puddles.

“Oh crap. If the water gets onto me in their ‘fray’, I am so going to kill these boys.” I furrowed my brows at them and hoped for the best. Apparently, my intent to murder was written all over my face and it managed to stop one boy in his tracks, pre-empting his ‘attack’ on his friend.
I strode hastily past them and allowed them to continue their wet weather fun.

Behind me, laughter of merriment added much liveliness to the quiet neighbourhood. It made me feel like Scrooge in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. On hindsight, I realized I am such an idiot.
The rain is lovely. It soothes our souls with raindrops from the heavens. It takes away the heat of the day and it refreshes the air. There is this coolness in every breath I inhale, the paths are deserted and it is indeed such a beautiful day. But what was I doing?

I was minding the puddles and clutching my pink Gucci bag as close to my body as possible for fear it may get too wet. I felt ridiculous there and then. In fact, it appeared awfully silly, now that I reflected upon my behaviour.

As I continued on my journey home, I remembered all the things I have deprived myself of:
1. I always carried an umbrella because I don’t like getting drenched in the rain.
2. I don’t play with cute animals nor dare to stroke their soft fur because I am afraid of the germs and bacteria that reside on their bodies.
3. I didn’t take a stroll barefooted on the white sandy beaches in Tasmania because I didn’t want to clean my feet after the walk.

Boy, am I a sad creature. I should learn to throw caution to the wind, enjoy the simple things in life and not care about inconsequential matters.

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Anonymous Lani said...

hmm... i wonder if you'll fall sick if you play under the rain? Singapore rain is acidic...

8:05 PM  
Blogger Aileen said...

so sad my poor lil' big sis. You let far too many things bother you. For once, at least I know more than you. :)

1. How beautiful rain is when it falls on your body and you realize God gave you the sense of touch

2. How soft and smooth the kitty cats' fur is and how their bodies respond to your touch

3. How fine the sand is and the warmth your feet experience when they dig into the sand

You're missing out on alot man! Chill!

11:24 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

very inspiring miss yeo... yeah the things we missed out because of our own pet peeves.. but for one thing i really miss is the "once every few days rain walk" i love getting soak in singapore rain, and taking a nice hot shower after that and falling asleep.. that's one of the nice moments that i miss about singapore most... anyhoo nice background music what is that?

11:52 PM  
Blogger crazychick said...

nice entry!! :D it certainly reminded me to just let go once in a while and not to be so uptight about things!

btw, i don't like walking in the rain too cuz i hate the soggy feeling when my feet / shoes / both get wet :P

9:20 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To Lani: I have no idea about the level of acidity. But nope, people are more likely to get lung problems by jogging along the roads than playing in mildly acidic rain. Some shower gels are acidic too, but it doesn't do much to our skin too. =)

To Aileen: Yea, you go gal, my dirty germs infested sista! =P

To Darren: Mr. Lu, wow! You read my blog. Nice. Anyway, the song playing in the background is the Main Theme from the Japanese Drama "1 Litre of Tears".

To Jenn: Me too. Soggy sneakers making sploshy squishy noises when we walk in the downpour sucks big time. So icky. Luckily, I wear open toe sandals/ heels most of the time. Just wipe them after the rain and no trapped water feeling! =P

11:30 AM  

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