Saturday, June 30, 2007

Queen of Style (continuation of the previous post)

The undisputed queen of style is called Voodoomary (nickname).

Link: Voodoomary's Style Diary

I love gawking (yes, it's really a mouth agape look) at whatever she's wearing. Her style is to be worshipped. Her collection--well, let's just say, it can rival Hollywood celebrity standards.
A very tall classy lady with unlimited cash to look fabulous. A modern age tai-tai with an equally stylish husband who brings her out to nice places on dinner dates. Crap. I think I sound so enviously materialistic when I pen down these descriptions.

Oh bother, just shoot me but I seriously desire for such a lifestyle too. a couple of years I guess. And casual weekends could be spent karting with the tot in tow. (tsk tsk...)

I wish she can take shots of herself with face included though. I half suspect that she doesn't need to turn up for work on time. What a luxury! And has all the time during office hours to post these shots on multiple web fashion forums. Cool! Self employed perhaps. Way to go. =P



Blogger min said...

there are few pics with her face on it....

she looks pretty young

2:51 PM  
Blogger crazychick said...

she's self-employed ;) owner of a boutique called Dustbunny Vintage! (so i read) :) how i wish i have her Marc Jacobs!! :P i'm not really into vintage clothes, but this style really suits her classy self! :)

9:16 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Wow! Thanks gals!

So, this lady is very famous in cyberspace. I am so slow to catch on to this news.

Yep, Vivien sent me a link already. I saw her face and all. Well, isn't it a luxury to sell clothes and bags, model for them and enjoy wearing them at the same time.

As for myself, I am not going to buy anything from her. She's too tall for me to carry off those pieces. And her bags are a tad overpriced. Check out Ebay for similar pieces.

4:05 PM  

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