Saturday, February 17, 2007

Junk Food, Fast Food Monster!!!

Eating Fast Food in China? Yea baby, why not?

It’s cheaper than in SG (around $3-4 SGD per full set), it’s quality controlled and it’s more hygienic.


New Orleans Grilled Chicken Burger

How it looks like...

Mexican Chicken Twister

It’s the longish version of our local KFC’s ‘Bandito’

An orange flavoured tea. Nestea, I think.

French Fries, er…what’s new? The cute Doraemon packaging! It’s like the mascot for KFC over here. I thought Doraemon is just into Dorayaki?

At McDonald's:

Pomegranate Float (too sweet for my liking)

Looks just like any McDonald’s around the globe

Set Meals

The original tepanyaki chicken burger (with mild black pepper sauce)

The spicy version for the Lunar New Year (Hot! But I prefer the original)

Ang Pow from McDonald’s. Actually, it’s like a lucky card, peel to reveal prize. I ‘won’ a cup of drink. Chey!

My favourite kind of junk food: POTATO CHIPS!

Italian Red Meat Flavor, Tomato Flavour

I love Ridges on my Chips.
And Lays—I totally dig! What a good translated name for this brand. It’s called “乐事”. Stefanie Sun’s cheesy commercial is playing on the television networks over here. She’s seen catching chips with her two fingers. Yea right. I don’t believe her kungfu but I hear a loud ‘ka-Ching!” in her bank account.

Tomato Flavour & Crispy Drumstick Flavour
Double the amount of happiness! 好事成双, 哈哈!

Waiting in line to be devoured by the Junk Food Monster.

No prizes for guessing the flavour I like best. The shots say it all. The tomato flavoured chips don't taste like ketchup. In fact, it reminds me of bolognese sauce.

It’s a real pity for tidbits junkies as we do not enjoy such a wide selection of yummy flavours in SG. It’s junk food heaven at the supermarket. Many flavours, many brands. Take your pick senorita!

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Blogger The Mad One said...

the KFC in china looks so much bigger than ours!! the chicken burger looks huge!!

i absolutely adore Lays!! they were my saviour when i was in China (my tour group was brought to the worst restaurants ever!! blergh!!). i remembered trying the "Sacha" flavour :D and oh yeah, if you ever goto Thailand, you MUST get the Onion and Cheese one.. they taste soooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

btw, i literally drooled when i saw the cheesy McD burger!! yummmm!!

10:14 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Okie! I will note down the Onion and Cheese. Sounds drool worthy!
Yes, hate tour groups to China. Their meal contacts SUCKS! Take us to all those yucky 'restaurants' last time.

1:41 PM  

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