Thursday, February 01, 2007

A limited time to blog

I have little Internet connection time. Mainly I will check my mails quickly then log off. So, I am taking a few hasty minutes to type out this entry.

Actually, I feel that locals everywhere in the world view foreigners in their countries to be 'loaded'. For instance, the average Singaporean is under the impression that expatriates of Western origins are highly paid and generous spenders. Thereby giving rise to the degoratory term of the 'Sarong Party Girl' who preys on the affections and wealth of these men. Obviously, the discerning population in our society knows that this is simply a fallacious myth.

Similarly, when I am over in China, once I speak, they know I am no local. I am sure if I really wanted to, I can pass myself off as 'one of them'. After all, no one in Singapore feels that I am a true blue Singaporean girl. Plus I can do a really Cheena accent to perfection since I trained under a Beijing Chinese teacher while I studied Higher Chinese in Secondary school.

Unfortunately, I couldn't put this talent to good use as being unlocal, has more perks than drawbacks. This is a conclusion I came to after almost a year of working here (previously). This apparent fascination and awe of aliens (yes, a foreigner is called an alien) is somewhat disturbing. When they know you are a foreigner, they will give you better service (even though everyone pays the same price), smile at you (these people don't waste their smiles on anybody) and receive more respect.

This is so silly! There are more millionaires in China than all the foreign expatriates combined in this vast country. Yet, they would rather spend their energy fussing over fastidious foreigners like us than cater to the fancies of their loaded counterparts, who in comparison, are less high maintenance.

Just earlier this day, the project designer tried to convince me that he has put in immense effort to draw out the blueprint since he understands that my taste is very sophisticated unlike the average local Chinese. DUHZ! Is there a difference? Really? This is most unfortunate, when you unconsciously penalise your fellowmen and pander to foreigners who come to ride on your economic success.

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