Friday, February 09, 2007

Starting on a Journey

Anticipated that the weather there would be freezing (by my standards) and decided to bring along Jerry Maguire, my beloved snowman, to accompany me on this trip. He dispenses warm fuzzy hugs!

Jerry look directly at the camera!
Ok, I give up. Smile anyway!
China Eastern Airline is one of the most terrible airlines to fly by. Their reception is recorded at subzero degrees, service is dispensed out reluctantly, stewardesses are no eye candy (and boy, they still sulk)!

The aircraft took so long to cruise to its designated runway! Plane takeoff was delayed.

It was a rather empty flight.

Sit tight for the takeoff, dear Jerry Maguire!

Food from their Singapore caterer is terrible, and their housekeeping standards do appear suspicious. But cost is always being considered and we hardly can afford to pull a ‘T.T. Durai’ off. Even when I start running my company in the near future, my staff will have to put up with some economy class travel. Year end bonuses are more important than 5 hours of business class travel. Air travel, after all, is to get to the destination. But I just wish China Eastern Airlines will put more pride in running their business though.

Does the food looks good? Pictures can be deceiving.

How the tray looked like before they took it away from me. Those meat slabs tasted so rubbery. Wish they would just gimme some canned luncheon meat.

Spot the stain. Eeww! Don't they change the covers between flights???!

Rolling fluffy clouds

冲上云霄? 九霄云外之处?

Jerry having his teabreak---apple juice and a packet of peanuts

Many male passengers like to utilise the space available. I think it's rude to show me your feet!

See, another tired passenger. At least he had the decency to cover his feet with a blanket. Maybe because I was frowning at him---I was sitting beside him. Anyway, it's awfully uncomfortable to sleep like this, with all the bumps and crevices between seats.

Reading the newspapers onboard and this was the front page headlines. Sian lah!

It was most unfortunate that I was in a rush to get to the airport and simply grabbed my white pair of boots (which have never been worn before, bought 3 years ago) and wore them out. It was to my great despair that I found them peeling and falling apart on the plane. Good grief!
Gals, never, never buy PVC material boots; no matter how cheap or pretty they look. They don’t last. Come on, they don’t keep well too. What a waste. Luckily, I remembered I have a spare leather pair in the apartment. Will change into them when I touch down.

My ugly peeling NEW boots

Literally falling apart! YIKES!

Endnotes: Alright! I finally started loading pictures onto the computer. Will slowly put up postdated photos on this blog. And my dear Aileen, don't 'use' Jerry to whine to me alright? I am going mad! Emotional blackmail! \(-_-)/

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Blogger =Berry-puff= said...

shoes are like that...
if u keep them for long, and don;t wear them...they will 'destroy themselves'. lol..

happened to all my heels ..

4:24 AM  
Anonymous jon said...

Please don't use their blankets. Or those commie meat cakes they probably flew in on the trip here. How's it going?

11:56 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To Min: Yep, guess they do need us to take them for a walk sometimes. Breaking apart is their form of silent 'I'm leaving ya' protest. =)

To Jon: The going's good. Thanks!

1:20 PM  
Blogger The Mad One said...

You look really adorable with Jerry! :D

btw, did that fella's feet stink? :P

2:08 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Hee hee, Jerry steals the limelight from me all the time. So he's definitely the more adorable one.

Actually, I was dreading the stinky feet part too. Luckily, no pungent odour drifted to my nose. If not, I will do something about it. Cannot tahan for a five hour flight if so.

Thanks for your SD card slot suggestion!

9:59 AM  

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